DF Audio Minibay v2, desktop patchbay now with top panel normalling switches

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DF Audio Minibay v2, clever desktop audio-routing 40-point patchbay got an update with top panel normalling switches. 

Patchbays are part of the standard studio inventory. Mostly in 19″ rack format, very cheap to buy, and very useful. In practice, they turn studios into modular environments. Once installed, you can break signal chains again and again without having to rewire the entire studio. This allows you to work flexibly with effects and quickly try new ideas

It does not always have to be big. This was shown by DF Audio at the beginning of the year with the Minibay, a tabletop/desktop patchbay. With version 2, DF Audio now published a small design update for it.

DF Audio Minibay v2

DF Audio Minibay v2

The new Minibay v2 remains a compact 40-point audio patchbay with 1/4″ stereo sockets to connect your external gear and 1/8″ mono sockets for routing signals. Stereo jacks are not perfect, as they require extra adapters or special cables. The advantage of the choice, however, is that the developer can squeeze many channels into a compact device.

Then it also hosts two built-in passive mixers with dedicated patch points located on the main panel. In version 2, there are some good improvements. It starts with an improved normalization workflow. Unlike on the v1, you can now individually normal connections between patch points (A/B) with the dip switch on the front panel. Remove two screws, and you can set them up.

DF Audio Minibay v2 backside

Minibay v2 also has different positioning of the rear sockets and a clearer labling on the back panel. Further, the developer added solder points on the main PCB allowing you to modify the mixer circuits.

There is no video for the new version. YouTuber Jorb did an in-depth overview of the first version, which doesn’t differ massively from the v2. It offered the same concept and eature set minus the normalization thing.

A desktop patchbay that you can put on a table is a super useful and brilliant idea. Very handy when working with many instruments/effects, so you can quickly change the signal flow without rewiring your entire setup. It takes a lot of work away and saves you time. And it’s opens the door for signal flow experimentations.

DF Audio Minibay v2 is available now for 167,98€ + import taxes + VAT. 

More information here: DF Audio

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