Xynth Audio Rezonator, new resonator plugin for creating rich harmonies

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Xynth Audio Rezonator is a new easy-to-use resonator plugin made to encase sounds with fascinating harmonic-rich textures. 

The focus is often on new synthesizers and what new things they can do. It is often overlooked, however, that effects can also massively change the sound of an instrument. A creative signal chain of effects can make every Synthesizer shine in new splendor. One of the most unusual effects are resonators, which can transform any simple sound into something unique.

Exactly such a special effect comes from Xynth Audio. The developers recently released their first commercial plugin, Rezonator.

 Xynth Audio Rezonator

Xynth Audio Rezonator

Rezonator is a new straightforward designed resonator plugin for macOS and Windows. The engine consists of six tunable resonators that can allowing to create a wide range of unique harmonies.

Each resonator has a set of tweakable parameters, making them very flexible to use. You can turn it on/off, set the note with a dedicated fine-tune slider, adjust the gain and pan it. For example, you can give any sound an organic texture or turn bizarre sounds into lovely chords.

The resonators can be either a saw or a pulse wave with decay and color controls.  This allows you to determine which sound structure the effect should have. From short pluck-like to long effects are possible here.

Then the state functionality enables programming and switching between multiple chords/harmonies. All this is with a single slider. You can also shape and refine the sound of the resonators with different built-in effects. You can choose between a filter, a reverb, and stereo-width effects.

Additionally, you can route MIDI into the Rezonator plugin to create more complex melodies and harmonies.

At first glance, it looks like a nice, well-structured resonator plugin with a nice feature set. I’m a big fan of resonators because they can completely change a sound and give them a more unusual timbre.

Xynth Audio Reznonator is available now for $25 USD. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Xynth Audio

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