Oxi Instruments One 3.0, new firmware turns the sequencer in a generative playground

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OXI Instruments has released firmware 3.0 of its Oxi One hardware sequencer with a new generative mode, two new LFOs,  and more. 

In May 2021, the new company Oxi Instruments presented the One, a portable sequencer with many creative features. The development was initially funded by the community via Indiegogo. It took a while, but the One has been available directly from retailers for a few months.

Development has continued in recent months, and the Oxi One has become more and more versatile. Now firmware 3.0 is here, and it introduced many creative features again.

Oxi One firmware 3.0

Oxi One Firmware 3.0

Firmware 3.0 brings a wealth of new features. Starting with a new matriceal mode turning Oxi One into an inspiring generative processor with 4 independent sequencing tracks. Each track has 9 different, and independent parameter lanes and plenty of randomization options. That sounds super exciting.

The sequencer engine also benefits from new functionalities. Including new pattern templates that allow you to store your pattern settings or favorite sequences as templates to be able to recall them into any project quickly.

Then, you get new sequencer settings, a new auto-clock function, and a new nudge menu with time bend and offset parameters. The first increases or decreases the playback speed of any sequencer in a % of the global tempo, while the second is a time offset in milliseconds for each sequencer.

Oxi One also comes with an upgraded chord mode with a new independent and modulable chord arpeggiator, new voice assistant configuration, new scales (pentatonic major and minor…), a new chord bank, and more.

The developers have also improved the arranger in several places. Now it comes with launch quantization, prog change and bank select per slot, and quantized pattern loading. There are also new trigger conditions and you can select either to record in quantized or unquantized.

Modulation Update

Oxi One also has a very powerful internal modulation engine with 6 LFOs and more. In firmware 3.0, it also got a major upgrade. The OXI developers have added two additional LFOs, fully independent mod lanes with internal and external destinations, and all-new mod destinations. Including keyboard arpeggiator parameters, chord parameters, Euclidean and pattern generator parameters, and more.

Further, firmware 3.0 introduces USB-MIDI Host support and an isomorphic keyboard layout. Similar to the Ableton Push 2 or LinStrument. Plus, Oxi One now offers CV gate animations in the grid. You can add visual feedback on what is going on with your CV gate configuration. That’s also a very handy addition.


The new OXI One firmware 3.0 is available now as a free download. OXI One is out now for 745€/$750 USD.

More information here: OXI Instruments

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