Gforce Software Oddity 3, Dave Spiers’ ARP Odyssey emulation gets a major update

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Gforce Software releases Oddity 3, the third version of Dave Spier’s ARP Odyssey emulation plugin with an all-new look, new effects, Apple Silicon support, and more.

8 years ago I started publishing videos. One of the first big Synthesizer plugins where I released a long sound demo was Gforce Software’s beautiful sounding ARP Odyssey emulation Oddity 2. It still sounds great today, has a lot of character, and comes very close to the original.

But 8 years for a plugin is a long time. Dave Spiers and his development team thought the same thing and gave the Oddity a fresh look. They have revised their emulation and are showing Oddity 3, the successor to the popular virtual Odyssey.

Gforce Software Oddity 3

Gforce Software Oddity 3

Oddity 3 remains a very authentic emulation of the ARP Odyssey duophonic analog synthesizer. This time again with up to 16 voice polyphony. The third version comes with many new features and improvements.

Let’s start with the optical. Here the plugin shines with a new look, which is much more closely based on the original. It’s fully scalable and comes with three skins based on the three original units MK1, Mk2, and MK3. Compared to the Oddity 2 GUI, a big step forward in my opinion.

The built-in browser also got a major cosmetic upgrade. It now hosts rows with the available preset collections, categories, types, timbres, and the actual patch. There is also a very handy audition and random functionality.

Gforce Software Oddity 3

Sound Engine

According to Gforce Software, they improved the sound engine but what exactly they have done in its core is not known. But there is a new vintage knob that infuses the authentic, wobbly imperfection loved from analog synths. This allows the synth to sound even more accurate and organic.

Then, Dave Spiers and its developer team added a brand new effect section consisting of distortion, stereo delay, and a big lush-sounding reverb. All three are in top third of the remodeled GUI. These harmonize perfectly with the character of the Oddity 3 and on the one hand enable even deeper sounds but also round off the sound. Like adding the final finish to it.

Another major new feature are four programmable macros on the left side. Here you can map any number of parameters to a macro with drag and drop. I particularly like how the visualization was implemented here. Colors show which parameters are changed with a macro. Very easy and clear. Macro is a nice option to subtly but intensely change sounds without digging deep.

Further, they added programmable aftertouch and expanded the velocity controls for extra playability. Oddity 3 ships with over 2000 built-in presets and with 250+ all-new sounds for the third version. And of course, it supports native Apple Silicon.

Oddity 3 is a nice further development of the awesome-sounding ARP Odyssey emulation by Dave Spier’s Gforce Software. The new functions fit in perfectly and make more sophisticated sounds possible. It’s a pity that the modulation engine hasn’t been pumped up a bit more like with a second LFO or envelope.

Gforce Software Oddity is available now for an introductory price of £49,99 + VAT/$64,99 USD (reg. £99,99 + VAT / $129,99 USD) until the end of November. Existing customers of Oddity 1 or 2 can upgrade for a limited time for £24,99 + VAT.  It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Gforce Software 

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