Devious Machines Infiltrator 2, free update unlocks a sequenced multi-effects evolution

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Devious Machines Infiltrator 2, the sequenced multi-effects plugin got a massive free update with 28 new effects, more modulation power, and more.

Sequenced effects processors are exciting tools that allow you to delve deeply into sound design. Especially useful to generate exciting effect curves that are difficult to achieve with classic effect processors.

One of the plugins that offer this at a very high level is Infiltrator by Devious Machines. Here you can choose from a huge selection of top-notch effects and send them in light movements or on a wild, rhythmic roller coaster. Today, we welcome Infiltrator 2 with many new features and improvements. The best news: it’s a free update for existing customers.

Devious Machines Infiltrator 2

Devious Machines Infiltrator 2

Infiltrator 2 is a major update that hosts twice the effects, twice the presets, and twice the modulation power of its predecessor. That sounds like a massive step forward considering how powerful and versatile the first version already was. As a reminder, it had ten effect modules, 28 effects, and a fully-customizable curve editor made for your dream effect automations.

The Devious Machines developers continue the popular concept with 10 effect modules in version 2, but with a major boost for the entire engine. You can see that immediately in the effects. V2 now hosts twice the effects or more precisely you get 56 algorithms instead of 28.

Infiltrator adds new 3 filters to the already large filter section including a dual filter, a rich-sounding formant filter, and a notch filter. Then, you can explore 14 all-new FFT-based spectral effects ranging from beautiful to completely weird (shift, mirror, stretch, twist…). These open up a completely unique sound spectrum to sound designers

They also added a time manipulation effect suite including reverse, vari-speed, slowdown, and granular time-stretch. There is also a new vocoder with which you can robotize voices or other sound signals in many ways. Additionally, you can benefit from the new cavernous Void model and Reflect reverbs made for diffuse echoes.

Plus, you can explore an expanded utility section with new compressor, gate, and MIDI CC output modules. The letter allows you to control and sequence MIDI CC data from other plugins

Devious Machines Infiltrator 2 effects

More Modulation And More

The big strength of Infiltrator 2 is its mighty modulation engine. Each effect now ships with two tempo-synced multi-segment envelopes. Each has a dedicated graphical curve editor, eight shape presets, a randomizer, swing, and pitch snapping. The curves run in sync to your DAW or alternatively, you can trigger them by an audio input or using MIDI notes.

The ability to draw every possible effect curve makes the engine so deep and versatile. From subtle movements, super rhythmic to complete chaos, everyone can achieve their sequenced effects dreams.

Version 2 also includes again a 32-step sequencer that lets you activate each of the 10 effects modules per step. Super interesting if you want to trigger effects selectively, such on a snare or bass sound. This is a huge arsenal of tools that you get here as an Infiltrator 2 user. So that you don’t get lost here, Devious Machines takes you by the virtual hand and ships the plugin with 1500 professionally-designed presets designed by professional sound designers and producers.

This is a massive update for the Infiltrator plugin. Existing customers get a completely new plugin with even more options at no extra charge. One can say here that the plugin is probably the most comprehensive and deepest sequencing multi-FX plugin on the market. Congrats DM, I call that an update!

Devious Machines Infiltrator 2 is available now for an introductory price of 85,41€ instead of 113,89€ (25% OFF). Existing customers get the update for free. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

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