Puremagnetik Lore update 1.0.22 adds new Scrambler effect and spectral arpeggiator

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Puremagnetik has updated its sound design workstation plugin Lore to 1.0.22 with a new scrambler effect and spectral arpeggiator 

Puremagnetik is a young company from the US that has long focused on compact, easy-to-use plugins. Especially on sound processors that tend to go in the experimental direction with granular synthesis and spectral processing. Sounds like heavy stuff, but PM managed to make it very hands-on. Some time ago, Lore started a project where they packed all their knowledge into a large plugin.

Lore is a sound design workstation plugin where the community can contribute to the development via Patreon. The code is open-source and available on Github. Supporters get the compiled plugin as a thank you. The plugin grows and grows. Now in the summer, the developers published two new feature updates, the last one being 1.0.22 was released this week.

Puremagnatik 1.0.22

Scrambler Effect

Lore 1.0.21 was released back in July. It added a new Scrambler effect to the Lore feature set. It is a sophisticated buffer modulation effect that comes with different parameters to adjust the effect. Filter continually morphs from lowpass, to bandpass and to highpass.

Placement adjusts the scramble start time in the buffer, while Window adjusts the scramble end time. At 2:36 on the linked video you get a little demo of the scrambler effect.

Puremagnatik Lore 1.0.22

1.0.22 is the latest update for the Lore sound design workstation adding a spectral arpeggiator. It steps through the frequency bins of the spectral delay. You can control it by drawing in the steps and adjusting it with two parameters: arp depth and speed.

A nice further update for a wonderful music creation software.

The new Lore 1.0.22 update is free of charge for existing customers. The source code is open-source and available on Github. If you want the plugin version, you can support the project for $9 USD per month or $89 USD per year.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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