Oversynth releases overlays for the Dreadbox Nymphes analog polysynth

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Oversynth releases 6 new overlays for the Dreadbox Nymphes analog polysynth that simplify menu diving by visualizing all hidden features.

Many synthesizers today offer a lot of functions in a compact design. Analog and digital, everything is available these days in small and portable. A major disadvantage of such synthesizers is often the operation. Important features are often very hidden in menus.

One of them is the lovely sounding Dreadbox Nymphes. A compact 6-voice analog polysynth. It offers a lot, but, unfortunately, not all functions have found their place on the interface. Oversynth, known for its colorful overlays, has now released 6 overlays for the Nymphes.

Oversynth Nymphes Overlays

Oversynth Nymphes Overlays

With its overlays, Oversynth makes all the hidden features of the Nymph analog poly synth visible. This includes the various voicing options, the LFO 2 settings, MPE, the reverb, and more. If you are wondering why there are numbers for many parameters. Not a signature Oversynth preset, these are the respective MIDI CC numbers for the features.

The overlay is printed on a highly durable and waterproof polymer material (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based).  The matte finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability.

6 Nymphes Overlays

They are available in 6 different designs. The overlay structure is the same, only the color layout is different for each version. From black, gray to very bright yellow.

Oversynth Nymphes Overlays

I like the concept of the Oversynth overlays a lot. They facilitate the menu diving experience on many synthesizers. I’m sure the Nymphes polysynth too. It is, however, a pity that the company does not have a European distributor. If you order on the official website outside of the US, you still have to pay tax and import taxes, which quickly raise the price to almost €50 for stickers, which is very pricey.

Oversynth Nymphes Overlays are available now for $27 USD. Outside the US, you need to add VAT and import taxes.

More information here: Oversynth

Dreadbox Nymphes is available at my partners

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  1. Makes you realize how overstrained the interface is, especially the little top right knob.
    Great sounding Synth but needs 3x the controls to make patch design fun.

    What about a midi controller making it “one knob per function”?

    • It’s all cc so if you want it will be very easy to make map it (the list of cc is on this new layouts)
      But its pretty straight forward once you understand the menu.

  2. The Dreadbox now gets a dreadful look !

    Very practical, but horrendous to look at. It’s like you play an owner’s manual instead of an instrument.

    • Agree

      Tried to figure out how to get to “Fine Tune”
      Press Menu then turn the dial to 2 and then how do i get down to the blue section?
      forget it …
      Lets face it: the menu system is hideous, even worse then menudiving on a screen.

      A shame becasue i love the sound but the interface keeps me from getting one.

      • Its more like a matrix control with a one sub menu max, so not much diving. Most parameters are not on the sub menu so you usually only press menu once, dial a number and move a fader.
        Remembering all features was a little issue, but with this it’s solved.

        For fine tune:
        – You press menu and dial 7 (global menu)
        – Press shift for sub menu and than dial 2 (fine tune)
        – Move the lfo wave fader to control the fine tune (all global paramters controlled with the two LFO faders).

        Maybe get it and give it a chance, you will be suprise how easy it is and it does sound amazing.

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