Rebel Technology Genius, next gen programmable multi-function OWL module

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Rebel Technology Genius, next generation programmable multi-function module based on the OWL platform with more processing power, display, and more.

OWL, Lich, Witch.. programmable multi-function modules and synthesizers that are based on the same fascinating DSP platform OWL. On this, musicians/developers can share their own codes and make them available to other users. And with a few click, they can explore them in their module.

With the Lich module, Rebel Tech and Befaco released in 2020 an updated OWL module with a new more user friendly interface. At this point, it has already been known that a next-generation is in the works. And today is the day. With Genius, Rebel Technology is showing the next chapter in the OWL family. 

Rebel Technology Genius

Rebel Technology Genius

Genius is advanced digital signal processor and programmable USB audio interface that is the latest member of the OWL-platform module family. Yes, with the Befaco Lich we only recently got a module, this is, however the next generation. Where the Lich uses a Cortex M4, Genius uses a new ARM Cortex M7 microcontroller with 480 MHz, 8+1 Mbyte RAM, and 8+1 Mbyte FLASH.

The module runs with a 24-bit 48k hZ stereo audio codec and 32-bit floating point audio processing. Rebel Technology says that the Genius also gives you 48k Hz stereo USB audio. Thus it’s also an Eurorack audio interface. Something that has also been possible with the Befaco Lich since the last firmware updates.

Big difference to the Lich or Owl module is the interface, which is completely new. It now features a 128×64 OLED screen that gives you visual feedback of the current running program. Then, you get 2 rotary push encoders and 2 push buttons. I would have liked the module to be a bit wider and with more controls like on the Lich.

Connection side, there are 2 trigger/gate inputs and outputs, 2 unipolar CV ins and outputs, 2 DC coupled audio inputs + outputs, MIDI in/out via TRS sockets and USB hosts and device ports. The power requirements are +12V: 180mA and -12V: mA.

OWL Platform

OWL is a platform where musicians and developers can share their own code for the modules. With a few clicks you can transform your module into a new one using the existing codes. From experimental oscillators, unique filters, effects processors, up to sequencers, there is tons to explore.

Not fancy enough and you want to go deeper, the module allows you to design your own processors. It supports Pure Data, Faust, C++, and Max Gen compilers so you can write patches in your favorite language.

A nice upgrade at first glance. Above all, a big plus point is the new OLED display, with which you can now see what parameters you are tweaking and more processing power is also always very welcomed.

Rebel Technology Genius is available now for 390€ from the official RT web shop.

More information here: Rebel Tech 

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