UVI Vintage Vault 4, Synthesizer and drum machine sound collection with 8 new titles

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UVI Vintage Vault 4 is a massive Synthesizer and drum machine virtual instrument collection with over 14.000 presets, the latest version adds 8 new titles. 

The Arturia V Collection 8 is one of the best-known bundles when it comes to Synthesizer plugins that emulates vintage devices down to the last detail. UVI, the other French company takes a different approach with its instruments and the Vintage Vault. Instead of emulating, the developers and sound designers multi-sample iconic vintage synths and modern synths in detail.

One advantage: the virtual instruments uses less CPU but go into less parameter details like an authentic emulations. Definitely two interesting ways to bring vintage synths and drum machine sounds into modern music production environments. The Vintage Vault 4 is out now with 8 new virtual instruments.

UVI Vintage Vault 4

UVI Vintage Vault 4

The new Vintage Vault 4 features 36 UVI products with over 14000 presets and 800.000+ samples captured from 255 iconic hardware instruments. The new version adds in total 8 new products. 5 of them have already been published in the past few months; articles on them are linked: Emulation II+, Program 24, PX Memories, PX Sunbox and Super-7. 

With the release of Vintage Vault 4, you can check out 3 all-new products: Hybrid 600, BitZone and Prime8+.

UVI Vintage Vault 4

Hybrid 6000

Let’s start with Hybrid 6000 virtual instrument which is based on multi-sampled from the Casio HT-6000, a multi-timbral 8-voice polyohonic analog Synthesizer with 4 DCOs, a discrete VCF, DCAs per voice, and a rich analog chorus. One highlight of this “underrated” analog poly synth are the DCA envelopes that allows you to create very complex, moving timbres.

The developers have crafted from 32592 samples a fully-customizable virtual instrument that dives deep in to the world of synthwave, new wave, and more. Out of the box, you can play with 260 presets or craft your timbres from scratch. Hybrid 6000 uses a synth engine that lets you build your own patches very quickly.

UVI Hybrid-6000

Bit Zone

Bit Zone explores the obscure digitally-controlled 6-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer Crumar Bit 99. The core used 2 DCOs and 2 LFOs per voice, and per-voice CEM 3328 analog filters and VCAs. Like the first new virtual instrument, the UVI developers built a complete engine around the samples.

Taking about sample content, it features 29,568 samples captured from the Crumar Bit 99 poly analog Synthesizer. The developers designed from these 378 ready-to-use presets and 168 layered sounds. Also here, you can design your own timbres using the the full-customizable engine.

UVI Bit Zone

Prime 8+

Last newcomer of the Vintage Vault 4 is Prime 8+, a virtual instrument that captures the analog sound of the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine. All samples are embedded in a 808-like GUI+engine with which you can slash in your steps and design drum patterns in no time.

UVI Prime 8+

At first look a nice update with many interesting new virtual instruments. If you are looking for ready-to-use sounds, this is the place for you. Here you get sounds with which you can compose immediately without having to work your way into the synthesis


UVI Vintage Vault 4 is available now for an introductory price of $399/399€ (reg. $599/599€) until February 21st, 2022. You can upgrade from your previous Vintage Vault (1,2,3) for $199 USD/199€ (reg. $299/299€) until Februrary 21st, 2022. You get an addition discount if you purchased any of the newly added projects in V4 before release. If you own a single product ($149/149€+ value), you can upgrade for $299/299€ (reg. $499/499€) until Feb 21th, 2022.

The new libraries are also available separately: Hybrid 6000 and Bit Zone each for $79/79€ and Prime 8+ for $39/39€. All instruments are fully compatible with both UVI Workstation and Falcon, offering standalone versions and comprehensive DAW support. Each license allows authorization on up to 3 iLok keys or computer hard drives.

More information here: UVI 

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