Ebashi Audio, new Eurorack company with 6 affordable modules

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Ebashi Audio, new EU-based Eurorack company takes off with 6 stylish, simple-to-use modules including a VCO, two wavefolders, and more. 

The Eurorack market is one of the strongest growing areas in the music instrument market. Mainly because there are many creative lone warriors or mini companies that start developing and selling modules.

One of the newest is Ebashi Audio, a new manufacturer company from the EU. The Japanese and the Buchla influence is undeniable here. They start with six new budget-friendly Eurorack modules.

Ebashi Audio CMOS 7555

Ebashi Audio

The 12HP CMOS 7555 Core VCO (12HP) is a VCO with four waveforms (sine, triangle, ramp, pulse wave), linear & exponential FM with attenuators, hard-sync and a 1V/octave with offset switch. The oscillator offers three frequency ranges with a 3-way switch: MID, VCO, and LFO. Thus, you can use the module as a VCO and LFO.

Handy, the back of the module allows you to pre-patch various functions. Here, you can find also various trim pots including for the 1V/oct turning, high frequency tracking, ramp wave connection as well as for the sine waves. The latter controls the roundness and the symmetry.


Dual 259 Timbre (12HP) is a dual wavefolder inspired by the Buchla 259 oscillator timbre section. It offers two shape controls, each with two CV inputs making in total four CV inputs. The first and fourth can be controlled with an attenuverter. The other IN attenuators control the overall wave fold amount of the wavefolder.

Plus, you get a switch that allows you to shape the rich timbres of both wavefolders in series or parallel. Also here, you can pre-patch various functions on the back.

Dual Wavefolder EXP (12HP) is dual wavefolder with 4 CV inputs, a mix out, a series & parallel switch and back module patch pre-patching options. Each wavefolder offers shape and range control with a dedicated attenuators. The CV 1 and CV4 have attenuverters instead of attenuators. The processing can be split in two separate, two parallel or two signals in series.

Ebashi Audio Aries PMS

More Modules 

The Ebashi Audio Dual Aries PMS 338 PP EXP (12HP) is based on the classic Aries modular synthesizers from the 1970. It allows you to combine a triangle wave with a square/pulse for creating a step shifted pulse wave. You have two channels, each with a tri & pulse inputs, pan & init control,  and four CV inputs. There is also a serial and parallel operation switch. On the back, you can find again pre-patch functions.

Triple LFO (12HP) as the name says is a triple low frequency oscillator that provides manually variable wave shapes, rate and depth control for each LFO. You can choose between two waveforms: triangle, and square wave. The module offers three frequency ranges: MID, VCO, or LFO. So it is not only an LFO but also an oscillator.

The module also offers three outputs (A, B & C) which can be conveniently mixed down and out. On the back, there are again pre-patch options.

Lastly, we have the 12HP Utility – 1 Mix Mult module with functionalities. It’s a buffered multiple (1-4 to up 12 outputs), a 4:4 summer as well as a 3-input mixer that can be found in the final two rows. The 3 IN inputs are averaged and mixed to one output with a gain of 33%.

At first glance 6 interesting modules with a very simple user interface. Remind me strongly of the Buchla 100 modular designs. What many will be happy about: the modules are very affordable.

Ebashi Audio modules are available now and range from 180€ to 200€. The modules are designed, developed, and distributed in Europe. Check their FB page shop where you can find them module cheaper.

More information here: EA

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