Analogue Solutions Fusebox X, paraphonic analog synth with mini sequencer

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Analogue Solutions has raised the Fusebox analog synth engine to the paraphonic level with 3 voices, mini sequencer… and with an X. 

Analog synthesizers are just fun and have a lot of character. Tom Carpenter of Analog Solutions, for example, is a maker of exciting, high-quality Boutique analog synths. Instruments that offer a beefy vintage sound with modern feature sets.

Bright orange, analog and in some places very unique. The Fusebox is one of Tom Carpenter’s very unique synth designs. After a short break, the Fusebox is back and now has an X in its name. But that’s not all.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

The Fusebox X core is identical to the initial Fusebox synth: three VCOs with sync and Xmod, sub-oscillator, noise generator, a SEM-based multimode filter, two envelope, single LFO, and VCA. Also onboard are again the interval generator and patternator, the unique sequencer/rhythm generator with four CV controls for creating melodic loops with reset and skip switches.

Fusebox X not only brings back the familiar features but also many new ones. Starting with an 3-voice analog voice upgrade that turns the synth in a 3 note paraphonic Synthesizer. A new 440Hz test tone gives you now a more smart way to tune the synth. Some switches have been replaced by fresh patch sockets for more flexibility and patchability. The usability has also been improved in the Patternator and interval generator with more precise types.

The latter also has another welcomed addition. It now offers a clock input that allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways. Further, Bar1/Note0 trigger outputs has been added to the Fusebox X as a handy alternative to trigger the Patternator and interval generator.

Analog Solutions Fusebox X

New Mini Sequencer

The first Fusebox Synthesizer from 2017 has a built-in arpeggiator. In the X version this is omitted and is replaced by a mini sequencer. One of the highlights in my opinion. The circuit has also been improved in many points, says the developers.

A nice update for the British boutique Synthesizer Fusebox. Not a massive update but one that rounds of the whole concept without making the original less exciting. An example of a clever facelift.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X is available soon in limited quantities for 1.350 GBP (+ VAT).

More information here: Analogue Solutions

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