FX Aid, Happy Nerding adds new algorithms: delay into shimmer, chorus dimension-D & auto panner

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Happy Nerding has released three new algorithms for the FX Aid module series: delay into shimmer, chorus Dimension-D, and an automatic panner. 

If you want an effects module with a rich amount of great-sounding algorithms, it is difficult to ignore the Happy Nerding FX Aid or FX Aid XL. From delays, reverbs, distortions, modulators to complete emulations of the 808 and 909 voices, the FX Aid offers long fun.

It wasn’t just the many algorithms that made the module so popular in the Eurorack communities. It is also the huge, lovely support that Happy Nerding gives the module. In the last few months, there has been at least one new algorithm every month. Something that you rarely see, Ok with the Disting mk4 and Super Disting EX from Expert Sleepers we are on the same level of support.

FX Aid delay in shimmer

FX Aid New Algorithms

In the last four weeks (1 Nov – 1 Dec) Igor from Happy Nerding has published three new algorithms for the FX Aid / FX Aid XL modules. Yes, your FX Aid module becomes again more powerful. Starting with the latest, a new algorithm for the modulation section. The chorus Dimension-D is an emulation of the iconic Roland SDD-320 aka the Dimension D.

Unlike the real unit, this emulation has smoothly varied modulate rate, range and positive/negative feedback, says the developer. Thanks to this addition, you can achieve a wide range of sounds.

As usually for such effects: once Rate is set to zero, then Range control can be used for manual/CV modulation. This way external LFO can be used as the modulation source. Check below the video for a sound demo.

Not Rings into Clouds but delay into shimmer is a new algorithm for the FX Aid/FX Aid XL modules. It offers controls for the delay time, feedback and shimmer down. Definitely an effect with which you can create epic atmospheric sounds.

Third and last new algorithm is an auto panner effect that is added to the shaper section. It gives you three different controls. The first pot controls the panning LFO’s rate while the second controls the range of it. The knob 3 is the waveform shaper and cross-mixes between sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square.

Three exciting new algorithms for the FX Aid module range. Thanks Igor.

The new algorithms (chorus Dimension-D, delay into shimmer…) for the Happy Nerding FX Aid/FX Aid XL aer available for free from the free web editor. The standard version costs 170€+ VAT and the XL 199€ + VAT.

More information here: Happy Nerding

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