VoIS Modular is a 15-channel vocoder and fixed filter bank for Eurorack

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VoIS Modular is Glubsch Productions’s all-analog vocoder and fixed filter bank Hoerold in Eurorack with 15 channels of creative filtering.

Vocoders are interesting effects to move the signal in new directions. Voices are particularly suitable here, especially for robots-like, synthetic effects. Artists like Kraftwerk love them very much. The fixed filter banks, which are also based on filtering, are closely related to the vocoders.

In 2019 I reported about the Hoerold, a 19-inch format DIY device that has both: a vocoder and an 18-channel fixed filter bank. An impressive project. In the meantime, it has become an official product called Ultimate VoIS. And now the journey continues in a smaller but no less exciting way. With the VoIS Modular, the developer (Glubsch Productions) melts a lot of its flagship analog vocoder/filter bank rack unit into a Eurorack module.

VoIS 15-channel vocoder and fixed filter bank eurorack

VoIS Modular

VoIS Modular shares many features with the big rack unit. It’s also an all-analog vocoder and fixed filter bank in one. Big difference, it works in mono and not stereo. Instead of 18 channels, VoIS Modular “only” has 15 adjustable filter channels (eight poles), each with a clipping indicator. The filters range from 100 Hz up to 7000 Hz and the lowest (100 Hz) offers an additional BP/LP switch for switching between low- and high-pass responses.

The module can either be excited in a classic way with an external signal (Voice In or Exc In) or with the built-in noise generator. You can select between pink and white noise via a switch on the front panel. From here the signal goes through the 15 filter bands and the vocoder section. The latter has different hands-on features to shape your sound.

WRP1 is a spectral shifter that shifts the analysis filter channels up or down. Next to this, you have a spectral tilt (WRP2) for manipulating the overall spectrum with a single knob. Slurring, texture-like effects are possible with the slew parameter and silence bridging fills periods of silence with the filtered excitation sign. With the freeze function, you can freeze the signal and bring the vocoder signal to a standstill. Great for textures.

There is also a V/UV section with a switch for automatic detection of voiced/unvoiced signals. On the connection side, you get two inputs and two outputs. The line inputs are for the voice and excitation signals with clipping indicators. And the two outputs allow you to send out separately the vocoder and fixed filter bank sounds. That’s very convenient.

A very exciting module. I really like the front panel design with of it. It’s clean and simple. Also the idea to bring a fixed filter bank/vocoder combo as a Eurorack module on the market. Something that you see less often. Ready for the next Eurorack jams with robotic voice? I’m in and looking forward to them.


The VoIS Modular is available now for an introduction price of 420€ with tax/$420 (tax-free) + shipping. This is a 50€ off discount from the standard price and the offer is valid until December 31, 2021. According to the information on modwiggler, Glubsch Productions says:

To get the business started with this product, I have just posted on modwiggler for the first run here. The sooner I get enough people to sign up, the faster I will be able to send the first batch. I am offering a promotion until the end of 2021. The price shown here in € includes VAT for shipments in the EU, No tax will be added for shipments to the U.S. This is the price for the assembled version and already includes the ongoing promotion. Other offers, such as the DIY kit, have lower prices. For further details, follow the link shown below. There you will also find a couple of videos briefly showcasing the vocoder.

More information here: Glubsch Productions

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