PSP Audioware Saturator, analog-style saturation plugin with 8 distinct flavors

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PSP Audioware Saturator is a new analog-style saturation plugin for macOS and Windows that promises heating up your productions with cutting edges algorithms 

Analog equipment brings character, life, and warmth to every sound and track. Distortion devices, such as simple analog guitar pedals or high-quality saturation units, can enhance any sound. For many years, developers have tried to bring this magic into software in the form of analog emulations.

PSP Audioware from Poland is known for great-sounding plugins for fair prices. They have spent the last month analyzing and capturing analog equipment and emulating them in great detail. The result is called PSP Saturator and is out now.

PSP Audioware Saturator

PSP Audioware Saturator

PSP Saturator is a multi-type saturation tool that emulates the way that analog devices such as tape recorders and valve circuits warm up. They promise that their algorithms push the quality of saturation to a new level and virtually heat up any production. Plugins (virtual distortions/saturations) have proven that they can significantly add character to sounds. But we have to test whether the algorithms from PSP overshadow everything that has been available so far or whether it is just another hyping marketing sentence.

In the case where I don’t do a test, grab the free 30-day demo and try it yourself. The features look very solid. PSP Saturator’s quad-sampling core uses three switchable signal sculpting engines (low, high, overall saturation) in combination with 8 different saturation shapes. From subtle “analog-style mix mojo” to crazy audio destruction, these guarantee a variety of tonal flavors. There are also adjustable low and high and processing engines for dedicated band saturation.

The plugin comes with a parallel mix feature that hosts an intelligent phase alignment algorithm as well as multiple metering modes for signal monitoring. Then, you get an additional control panel for fine-tune the saturation and smoothing parameters. At the final stage, the developers added three distinct output shaper modes with off, saturation, and limiting depending on your needs. Further, you have classic input and output gain controls. It ships with 200  presets to immerse yourself directly.


At first look, a nice release that I’m pretty sure sounds excellent. PSP Audioware consistently delivers very high-quality plugins with advanced engines and easy-to-use interfaces.

PSP Audioware Saturator is available now for an introductory price of 69€ instead of 99€. Current users of the PSP MixPack bundle can buy it with an additional 70% discount (Go to our check out page and you see your individual discount coupon). The plugin is 64-bit only, runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin on macOS and Windows and requires software iLok (dongle not required) for registration.

More information here: PSPaudioware 

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