Puremagnetik Timedream, a modulation delay spiced up with a waveshaper

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Puremagnetik Timedream is a new hands-on modulation delay plugin (VST/AU) spiced up with a fuzzy waveshaper distortion for unique atmospheric sequences. 

Plugins tend to be overloaded with features. There is one, one at the bottom left, a submenu, etc. For many, these functions are rather uninspiring. I like the way how Puremagnetik develops plugins because it is very different. They publish a new plugin every month that only does certain tasks. Often with a very small amount of functions.

Comparable to hands-on effect pedals, only as virtual effect processors in plugin format. This month, they show Timedeam, a new delay effect with a minimal design.

Puremagnetik Timedream

Puremagnetik Timedream

Timedream aka “Time Recusion Shaper” is a new plugin that combines a modulation delay with a waveshaper and transforms your tracks/sounds into dreamlike sequences.

As always, Puremagnetik keeps the interface very compact with fewer but effective parameters. It starts with a waveshaper distortion (FUZZ). Then the TIME sets the delay time, and ECHO the feedback amount of the delay. The last three are modulation parameters. You can choose the modulation waveform with the SMOOTH/SHARP knob. It ranges from a sine up to a square wave. ENERGY sets the modulation speed (.001Hz to 1Hz) and DREAM the modulation depth.

The plugin is capable of creating slow evolving choruses, modulating ensemble effects, or fuzzy modulating delays. Also utterly unique glitch-shifting delays. Another nice plugin with an inspiring, simple interface.

Puremagnetik Timedream is available now as a VST/AU plugin for macOS & Windows for $9 USD as part of the Spark subscription service.  You can cancel the subscription at any time and the plugins remain in possession afterward. After one month Wade will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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