Luke Neptune releases vintage/classic soundset vol 3 for Sequential OB-6

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Luke Neptune has released volume 3 of its vintage/classic soundset series for the Sequential OB-6 focusing on the new vintage knob functionality. 

The Sequential OB-6 is one of the most beautiful sounding modern analog polysynths. Here you get the classic Oberheim sound packed in a timeless instrument. With the vintage knob, Sequential has given the OB-6 even more character this year. It emulates the behavior of vintage synthesizers where the behavior of individual oscillators, filters, and envelopes vary from voice to voice.

Once activated, you this on the OB-6 and makes the sound more vintage and organic. The functionality is so popular that the sound designer Luke Neptune built a new vintage/soundset for it. And it wasn’t planned.


I never planned on making a volume 3 of my Vintage/Classic soundset series but when i heard the new vintage mode that comes with OS 1.6.6 i felt it only right that i create another new soundset which now comes arguably closer than ever to achieving that vintage sound. 

The way that the vintage knob changes the sound of resonant patches is just devine so i’ve included lots of wet, rezzy type sounds that really do remind me of the OBX.

I also focused a lot of my time on getting warm, smooth and organic like tones. This is an area that the OB-6 naturally doesn’t do as well as a Prophet 5 or 6 for example but i really threw myself into the challenge of creating some organic like textures that are not often associated with the OB sound. I’m happy with my results, i hope you’ll be happy too.

Luke Neptune vintage/classic soundset volume 3 vintage knob edition for Sequential OB-6 is available now for £24,99.

More information here: Luke Neptune 

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