Arturia V Collection 8.1, free update brings revised OB-Xa V engine, NKS support, microtuning & more

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Arturia updates its V Collection software synth bundle to version 8.1 with a revised version of the OB-Xa V Synthesizer, NKS support, microtuning & more.

Last December Arturia showed the V Collection 8 with four new plugins: OB-Xa, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, Jun-6V but also major updates for beloved plugins like the Jup-8V, the Roland Jupiter-8 emulation.

Today the French developer released the V Collection 8.1, a free update with major new features and improvements.

Arturia V Collection 8.1

Arturia V Collection 8.1

The update 8.1 contains many new features but also improvements. Starting with the OB-Xa V plugin, the Oberheim OB-Xa Synthesizer emulation that has received a new sound engine. Arturia says:

“The growl machine has been supercharged with detailed analog voice dispersion, providing not just an earth-shaking sound, but the authentically nuanced imperfections of an ancient analog machine”

Arturia OB-Xa V

There was some criticism from the Synthesizer community that the plugin lacks authenticity and that OB-Xa character. I’m curious whether the sound engine upgrade has now added that.

Then, Arturia also updated some synth engine with microtuning compatibility including the revised version of the OB-Xa V, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, Jup-8V, and Jun-6V. They implemented the ODDSound’s MTS-EP, a versatile microtuning software utility designed in collaboration with Aphex Twin.

Happy times for Native Instruments Kontrol keyboard users. The new update also makes every title in V Collection ready for the Native Kontrol Station aka NKS. This gives you hands-on control for the V Collection instrument right from your NI keyboard.

The Analog Lab also got a new text-to-speech functionality, providing real-time audio feedback with every tweak and preset change. This is a great feature for visually impaired musicians, for example. Further, they made a number of adjustments to V Collection’s workflow and configuration options including improvements on the MIDI and macro side.

In-App Tutorials & New Horizon Presets

In the new V Collection 8.1 update, you can also discover new in-app tutorials for every instrument that are now more informative and accessible. And lastly, Arturia adds 135 expertly-crafted presets from professional sound designers that opens up new horizons. Featuring sounds from Arovane, our good friend emptyvessel, Rob Martland, Lily Jordy, and more.

A nice update for the V Collection 8. I am pleased that the criticism has been taken to heart and that the OB-Xa V has been improved. Time to check it out a second time.

The new Arturia V Collection 8.1 update is available now as a free download. V Collection 8 is available now for 599€ or for rent-to-own for $24,99 USD/month from Splice.

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