Spitfire Audio LABS, Free Epic Pipe Organ Sounds For Your DAW

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Spitfire Audio has expanded its free LABS series with a new library that gives you the big sounds of a pipe organ for your DAW.  

Because we’re so in the groove with free plugins now, here’s another one. Spitfire Audio is a London-based sample library company who quickly became the kings in this field. When it comes to playability and sound quality, almost nobody can ignore them.

Besides their monstrous libraries,  they also have an extremely nice side project called LABS. They give here every musician the chance to try out their products for free. It’s like an appetizer of their sound design talent without the bland aftertaste of an expensive subscription or so. They have a monthly release of new LABS libraries and they are free of charge. This month there is something for organ fans.

Spitfire Audio Pipe Organ

Spitfire Audio LABS Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ explores the versatile sound palette of a cinematic scoring staple, from ethereal to majestic beauty. Angus Roberts-Carey of Spitfire Audio recorded the sounds at his local church and created in collaboration with the Pianobook community this fantastic sounding LABS instrument.

To use the Pipe Organ you need the free Spitfire Audio app, which runs as a plugin in all common DAWs. Once loaded, the virtual instrument is playable and editable with three parameters. It comes with seven diverse presets specially curated from all stops and pads. You can listen to the instrument in the video trailer.  Sounds awesome in my opinion.

Spitfire Audio Pipe Organ is available as a free download for the Spitfire Audio app. The latter runs as a VST, AU & AAX plugin on Windows & macOS.

More information here: Spitfire Audio

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