G-Storm Electro JP4 Chorus, Roland Jupiter-4 Ensemble Effect For Eurorack

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G-Storm Electro brings the legendary ensemble effect of the Roland Jupiter-4 Synthesizer to Eurorack as a JP4 chorus module.

The early Roland synthesizers Jupiter-4, Juno-60, Juno-106 are still loved by many keyboard players today because of their very lush sounding onboard chorus ensemble effects. These have been emulated in hardware but also software numerous times in recent years. Just recently Arturia published the JUN-6.

Today, G-Storm Electro published The JP4 Chorus, a Eurorack adaption of the Roland Jupiter-4 ensemble effect. A manufacturer who has revived numerous vintage synthesizers (ARP 2600, SH-101…) as Eurorack modules.

Strom Electro JP-4 Chorus Effect

G-Storm Electro JP4 Chorus

JP-4 Chorus has 4HP and uses dual LFO-modulated bucket brigade delay lines to recreate the iconic chorus effect. Instead of the discontinued MN3004 chips, the module use NOS Panasonic TDA1022 chips. Then, the module has a mono input, stereo output. It’s a shame that there is only a mono input. With ever-growing stereo modules, a true stereo version would certainly have been better.

Further, it features a level control, a switch with which you can change the rate of the modulation as well as an ON/OFF switch. The latter is not true bypass but it removes the delay lines from the audio path. You have three rates to choose from. Slow for the lazy swirls of the original Jupiter-4, medium and fast. The developer says that the module only supports Eurorack levels. If you want to use it with guitar/mic or line level you need a pre-amp or instrument input module.

GSD did it again. Another part of synthesizer history has made its way into the Eurorack world. Yes it is a clone, but it is certainly an interesting module for your rack.

G-Storm Electro JP4 Chorus is available now for 112,24€ + shipping.

More information here: G-Storm Electro 

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