UVI PX Memories, Lintronics Advanced MemoryMoog Captured In Software

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UVI has captured the fat-sounding Lintronics Advanced MemoryMoog in detail and makes it available in the new PX Memories virtual instrument.

The Memorymoog went down in history to be one of the most error-prone synthesizers. Rarely has it been a device that ran smoothly. Lintronics later got their hands on the MemoryMoog and fixed many of the bugs on their LAMM modification. Highlights of this were better hardware, MIDI, and a new operating system.

UVI has selected exactly this fat-sounding polyphonic analog Moog synthesizer in the LAMM Edition for their new PX series virtual instrument. PX Memories features 30.85 GB of high-quality sample content (40.000 samples) from this iconic instrument.

UVI PX Memories

UVI PX Memories

UVI PX Memories is not a MemoryMoog emulation but is based purely on samples. The team, which consists of a developer and sound design team, sample this iconic polysynth in great detail. More precisely in three versions: in normal, unison, and LAMM stereo unison. This sampling method was also considered in the interface of the plugin. It allows you to switch seamlessly between them like in an emulation. Plus the union modes are available in polyphony.

The interface is classic UVI. Two individual oscillator sounds at once that goes through a filter, modulation, versatile effects, and an arpeggiator section per layer. The filter and the voicing, however, can be set for each layer individually or for both together. The sound designers have created from the nearly 40.000 samples 352 presets. They cover all sorts of sounds including basses, leads, organs, pads, polys…

Even if PX Memories is not an accurate emulation of the MemoryMoog, this virtual instrument sounds very authentic and fat. Great work UVI and definitely better useable than any non-serviced MM.

UVI PX Memories is available now at an introductory price of $49 USD/€ through January 31st, 2021. The regular price is $79 USD/€. The library run in the free Workstation and Falcon Synthesizer.

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  1. I bought and downloaded it today. I own a bunch of UVI products and like them very much, but this in particular is on another level. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. Full, deep, fat and really warm. It has taken top spot of my favourite UVI product after Falcon. Get it while it’s on sale, you won’t be disappointed.

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