Polyend Tracker 1.3, Time-Stretch, Longer Samples, New Effects & More

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Polyend Tracker got a big feature boost in version 1.3 including time-stretch functionalities, new effects & a major upgrade for the MIDI implementation.

Even on the day where the Christmas holidays begin, a developer thought of his community. Polyend has today injected a brand new firmware in its unique hardware Tracker workstation.

The new firmware 1.3 expands the instrument functionality and entertains Tracker owners for a long time over the Christmas holidays. Among other things, the sample engine got a big feature upgrade, there are now more effects available as well as new MIDI functionalities.

Polyend Tracker 1.3

Polyend Tracker 1.3

The new 1.3 update is a true boost for Polyend’s Tracker workstation. It clearly makes the device more interesting and powerful. The developers first expanded the sample engine and made it more sophisticated. It now comes with track arm recording as well as the availability of the line input during song playback. The engine now supports longer samples, allows the import of low-quality samples, and now comes with a handy unused sample deletion function.

In Tracker 1.3, you can now benefit from new time-stretch effects in the sample editor with beat and note modes. Plus an octave transpose functionality. This makes working with samples much more versatile and accurate. The effects section also got a major update. It now ships with new effects including bass booster, bit-depth, distortion, five-band EQ, and stereo enhancer effects. The built-in limited got an update with a gain reduction meter and you can now use the line input as a sidechain source for it.

Onboard Games, MIDI & Pattern Editor Improvements

This new update introduces onboard games, allowing users to take a breather from music-making and refill their creative juices. A nice idea from the developers, as games, often stimulates creativity and gives you new input. Also new is the MIDI engine that has been expanded in firmware 1.3. It now has a MIDI CC input which means that Tracker now offers 6 distinct MIDI CCs per MIDI channel. This enables it to be used even more deeply as a MIDI sequencer. Or of course to integrate with any hardware and software.

Further, it has MIDI micro-tuning step effects, tuning effects, as well as MIDI chords per step. Also new is the option to control the performance mode and master mixer levels via MIDI input. Plus they added support for sending MIDI channel aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch which is a big improvement. Tracker 1.3 also ships with an enhanced pattern fill command including euclidean fills and a density setting in random fills. They also rewrote from scratch the rendering mechanism.

They also launched a new What’s Up Blog webpage specially designed for the community.

Polyend Tracker 1.3 is a free update for existing customers.

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