Heavyocity Damage 2, A Massive Sequel Promises Even More Epic Percussive Sounds

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With Damage 2, Heavyocity has created a sequel of its beloved percussive Kontakt library with a more sophisticated sound engine for bigger, massive and epic sounds

The Native Instruments library Damage, which was created in collaboration with Heavyocity, has long been part of the never-ending Komplete bundle. The library has many fans, no wonder. Above all because of its bombastic or epic percussive sounds, which are often used in soundtracks as well as in electronic music. This library is now entering a second round, with more epic sounds and deeper sound manipulation options.

Damage 2 is not just an extension but completely new development. Recorded at Skywalker Sound (Star Wars…), Damage 2 features now over 40.000 samples from almost 1600 sources sampled in five discrete mic channels (close, room, hall, LFE, crush) packed in a 60GB sound package. The completely redesigned Damage engine is now based on three different designer parts: ensemble, kit & loop designed all accessible via individual NKI patches.

Heavyocity Damage 2

To achieve this massive, epic sound, Damage 2 offers three punish effects in the main interface: Nightmare, Hurt Me Plenty, Gently Now. Below the engine selector, it has an effect chain including compressor, saturator, filter, EQ, delay, and reverb. Each effect has a dedicated control with which you can tweak the effect: mix, drive, cutoff, amount, level, and mix parameters. The reverb section features three algorithms (plate, room, hall) to choose from plus five controls.

In the new Kit Designer, the user can position instruments onto a virtual canvas while blending the five mic sources. Here, you can craft your own custom kits with up to 16 instruments and independent FX chains for each voice. This goes far beyond what Damage 1 could do. The new Loop Designer features different loops that are categorized in three loop profiles: organic, hybrid, and damaged in straight and tripled meters. These can be manipulated in detail with different predefined parameters: vol, pan, tune, and send (send FX) controls with optional stutter and transition effects that are MIDI controllable.


  • The ultimate epic percussion toolkit, recorded at the legendary Skywalker Sound
  • 1600 unique sources & ensembles, from massive drums to face-melting damaged elements to inspiring loops
  • three instruments deliver three next-gen workflows: the ensemble designer, kit designer, and loop designer
  • create truly realistic crescendos, swells, flourishes, and more with the unprecedented MIDI performance tool
  • 200+ snapshots delivered across 20 categories, featuring Heavyocit’s signature Damaged sound design
  • 60 GB uncompressed sound content (24.58 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
  • 41,395 samples, 1596 sources

I think Heavyocity has developed a true successor to its epic Damage Library. The description is only an overview but thanks to the complex engine there is much more to be discovered. So, everyone who loves Damage 1, Damage 2 could become a mandatory purchase.

Heavyocity Damage 2 is available now for $299 USD (regular $399 USD) for Kontakt 6.2.2 Player or later. Existing users of Native Instruments Damage get an additional $100 USD OFF discount.

More information here: Heavyocity 

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