AVP Synth Ritmobox, Vintage-Inspired Analog Drum Synthesizer From Russia

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The Russian developer AVP Synth shows with Ritmobox a vintage-inspired analog drum Synthesizer with a built-in sequencer designed for rich and characterful sounds.

AVP Synth is a Russian synthesizer developer who has already developed some exciting devices. Everything is analog, full of character and difficult to compare with devices from major manufacturers. So typically Russian instruments. Now he shows the Ritmobox, a new analog drum Synthesizer that is inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s. The device is designed to be played as a live instrument: no menus, no-sub-functions, etc. Everything is hands-on and all parameters can be changed directly on the interface thanks to the one-knob per function layout.

It has five individual sound channels (CH, OH, and 3 separate generators (G1, G2, G3) with noise generators and LFO modulations. Within a total of 37 knobs/controls, the unit offers a lot of direct sound shaping options. On top of that, it comes with a built-in 8-step sequencer with which you can sequence the individual sounds. Each channel is capable of creating a wide range of different drum/percussive sounds.

AVP Synth Ritmobox


On the backside, you have a phone out,  individual audio outputs for each of the five generators as well as a mix output that sums up all signals. AVP Synth has equipped Ritmobox with old but robust MIDI interface that includes MIDI In/Out ports, no USB.

Each unit is carefully hand-assembled in Moscow/Russia using discrete through-hole components and OTA chips. At first glance, this is another lovely device from AVP Synth, it looks like a tank.

AVP Synth Ritmobox


  • Fully analog, discreet components
  • 5 individual sound channels: CH, OH, 3 separate Generators (G1, G2, G3) with noise generators and LFO modulations
  • 37 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options
  • 8 step analog sequencer with ability to program 16 steps
  • Up to 16 steps preset loading/saving slots
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out
  • 3.5 mm individual outs
  • 6.3 mm output
  • 6.3 mm headphones output
  • Steel casing
  • Dimensions: L250xW220xH100 mm
  • Weight: 1,8 kg (without power supply)
  • 12 VAC 220v power supply (included).​

AVP Synth Ritmobox will be available in mid/end August for 550€ + additional fees. The first batch consists of only 9 units (cases + components). If you wish to order the unit or get on the wish-list, please email the developer your location.

More information here: AVP Synth

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  1. Sounds pretty good, really a shame it doesn’t also have an analog clock in/out. That’s a minor complaint though…

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