Presonus Debuts Atom SQ MIDI Pad Performance & Production Controller

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Presonus presents Atom SQ, a new MIDI pad performance controller & production controller with which you can take sequencing to the next level in Studio One

In addition to the new Studio One version 5, Presonus is also launching a new hardware controller that expands the Atom range. Atom SQ is a new versatile, expressive USB-C bus-powered MIDI pad performance & production controller. It has 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB LED pads that can be used for classic TR-style beat sequencing (16-step), playing instruments, or launching clips in Ableton Live.

It also includes a user-configurable, assignable touch strip, a built-in arpeggiator, and the ability to change the keyboard scale. The controller also features classic transport controls (stop, play, record…), dedicated click track toggle, 8 endless rotary knobs, and zoom in/out function. With this, you zoom in and out of your timeline and navigate among your tracks, all without skipping a beat.

Presonus Atom SQ

Deep Studio One Integration

Like the first Atom Controller, the Atom SQ is deeply integrated into the Studio One DAW: insert a pattern, change its length, add new variations, and change scales, right from the ATOM SQ. It lets youYou’ll build compositions faster than ever before using the built-in step sequencer in Studio One and Atom SQ. You’ll build compositions faster than ever before using the built-in step sequencer in Studio One and the controller. Atom SQ is highly configurable so it become your personal controller. For example, you can colorize the RGB LEDs as you please to color-code your loops and samples.

So that you also have an overview of what you are controlling, it includes an LCD screen on the right side. It displays context-sensitive information and uses a dynamic button system that changes functions depending on the task at hand. Need to add more swing to your arpeggiator or change the CC assignment of a controller? The LCD screen details functions you need, right when you need them for the job at hand.

Presonus Atom SQ

Ableton Live Ready

Presonus Atom SQ is also a unique Ableton Live controller, designed for production and live performance. You can launch clips and scenes during a performance, select devices and edit parameters, navigate tracks and scenes, control each track’s volume, panning, and send levels—plus do all your drum programming in Ableton from the Atom SQ! Ableton Live Lite is included, so you can get to creating right away. It comes with all of Live’s essential workflows, instruments, and effects—everything you need to record songs, create hands-on with your controller, take music made in your apps further and so much more.

Presonus Atom SQ

Software Package

The controller includes Studio One Artist, a DAW that enables you to compose, record, and produce without getting distracted by the tools or hemmed in with track limitations. Easy to learn and intuitive to use, Studio One’s unique drag and drop workflow and powerful tools will let you produce faster than ever before. Also included are two carefully-curated loop libraries with custom Impact XT kits.

New to version 5: Studio One Artist now lets you use your favorite third-party VST and AU plug-in effects and virtual instruments You also now have complete support for Studio One Remote to use as a second screen or as remote Studio One control on your iPad® or Android™ tablet.

First Look

At first glance a nice controller for Studio One that makes the DAW even more interesting for electronic musicians. A good move is that it has been made compatible with Ableton Live. It reminds me a bit of the Akai Fire FL Studio Controller.

Presonus Atom SQ is available soon for 247€

More information here: Presonus

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    • it’s a DAW controller, not a standalone controller so don’t see the point for CV outs.
      If they sell it as standalone MIDI controller & sequencer well than it should have MIDI out, CV outs, etc.

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