Glitchmachines Polygon 2 Sampler Brings A Deeper Granular Engine, New Interface & More

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Glitchmachines makes its experimental granular sampler plugin Polygon fit for the future in a version 2 with a more powerful engine, scalable interface & more. 

Ivo Ivanov (Glitchmachines) has today released Polygon 2, a major update for its excellent granular sampler. It’s not a free update (unfortunately) but the number of new features is so large that the $ 30 upgrade price is justified. The first thing you notice is that the interface has been completely redesigned, now fully scalable, and more logical. But the engine has also been greatly expanded.

Polygon 2 now features a new granular mode for the sampler engine but also two user-definable insert effect slots for each sampler. Besides this, it comes with a dual oscillator with FM that brings classic subtractive synthesis to the plugin. Especially interesting to combine with the sample oscillators that opens up new sonic territories not possible with v1.

Glitchmachines Polygon 2.0

At Polygon 2’s new core, you will now find two redesigned filters and two user-definable global effect processors at the end of the signal path. Also, the modulation system is better, more powerful, and flexible. It now features a node-based, drag & drop modulation system including 4 new modulation sequencers. These include adjustable curves on a per-step basis with which you can design super complex modulators.

There are again 8 LFOs onboard and a number of unconventional modulation utilities. The randomizer from the first version also received a complete facelift with a brand new randomizer panel where you can randomize nearly all of the plugin’s parameters in isolation and/or randomize various groups of parameters simultaneously. It also includes new factory presets from professional sound designers that are based on a new 1.3 GB sample library.


  • 4 Polyphonic Sampler Modules
  • Granular & Classic Mode
  • Dual Oscillator with FM
  • 4 Mod Sequencers & 8 LFOs
  • Modulation Utilities
  • Global Filters & Effects
  • Powerful Randomizer
  • 100 Factory Presets
  • New 1.3 GB Sample Bank
  • Win/Mac  VST3/AU  64bit

I’m a Polygon v1 first minute user. It looks like Ivo Ivanov has turned the plugin upside down and completely improve it. A lot looks better and the new features sound very interesting, especially the new sequencer modulators. Whether you want to spend $30 on the upgrade is your decision. Polygon v1 has often been available very cheap ($5) in recent months, so the upgrade price is fair.

Glitchmachines Polygon 2 is available now for $79 USD. Existing users of Polygon v1 can upgrade for $30 USD. Please check your mails.

More information here: Glitchmachines


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