Din Sync Teases RE-101, Roland SH-101 Replica As A DIY Project & 4-Voice Gilbert Synthesizer

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Din Sync is working on the RE-101 as a DIY project, an accurate analog replica of the Roland SH-101 Synthesizer, and shows a 4-voice Gilbert Synthesizer.

A few weeks before Superbooth 20 Home Edition, Paul Barker from Din Sync showed the RE-606, a replica of the Roland TR-606 drum machine. Like its reproduction of the 303 (RE-303), the RE-606 is also a pure DIY project. It’s an accurate, analog reproduction of the original circuits (PCB, chip…) with no new features. One of the reasons why Paul calls this a replica and not a clone is the compatibility with the original device.

According to Din Sync, the RE-606 can also be used as a spare part kit to repair defective TR-606. This is not possible with the clones of Cyclone Analogic TT-606 or the upcoming Behringer TR-6. Din Sync has two more exciting news for Superbooth 20 Home Edition. During my virtual tour booth, he announced exclusively for SYNTH ANATOMY the RE-101 Synthesizer, an analog reproduction of the legendary Roland SH-101, again as a DIY project.

Din Sync RE-101

Din Sync RE-101

There is not much to see except for the first previews on Instagram. It is not yet certain whether the RE-101 will come as a keyboard version. The case as well as the keyboard pose problems for the developer. You will probably see a DIY kit for a desktop version that allows you to make your own case with keys. An analog desktop version would be not a bad idea in my opinion.

In the video interview, Paul also mentioned the reason why he is now building the RE-101. So none of the currently available analog clones sounds authentic to him and often have a major problem: features should be there, are not there, features should not be there, are there. Another factor is that Tubbutec from Germany builds a 101 CPU that makes reproduction possible. It is also important to him that this project can be used as a repair kit for defective Roland SH-101 synthesizers. It will be interesting to see how the RE-101 will look and sound.

Just For Fun A 4-Voice Gilbert Synthesizer

Paul also planned to show a 4-voice version of the Gilbert mono Synthesizer, heavily inspired by the concept of the Oberheim 4 Voice. You can find here four Gilbert synths put together with a Mutable Instruments Yarns polyphonic controller. However, this synth will not go into production. It was made out pure of fun and as an eye-catcher for the Superbooth 20 booth. Even if it’s just a concept, it looks really nice.

4 Voice Gilbert

As a reminder: Gilbert is an analog monosynth inspired by the best era of Roland machines from the late 70s/early 80s. It has a nice “rubbery” tone that will be familiar to all fans of acid music.

If you want to know more about these topics and who Paul Barker and Din Sync are, you should check out my interview from Superbooth 20 Home Edition.

More information here: Din Sync

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