Reason 11.3 Rack Plugin Is Now Compatible With All DAWs Including Pro Tools

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Reason 11.3 update brings AAX support for the award-winning Rack plugin and can, therefore, be used in any DAW for PC and Mac

The next step of the amazing Reason Studios Rack plugin is done. With AAX support, it can now be used in any DAW, including Pro Tools. I am happy to see that everyone can now benefit from it. First only VST, then AU and now AAX. I don’t want to repeat myself but saying goodbye to the Rewire technology and offering the famous Reason Rack as a plugin was awesome. This change transformed the somewhat rusty Reason DAW into a huge modular Synthesizer and sound design environment that is fully compatible with rack extensions.

Not to forget that virtual instruments like the near-legendary Thor Synthesizer can now also be used in other DAWs. Yes, I love the Reason Rack plugin. Dear RS people, if you read this article, please update the GUI in R11.4 or 12 and make it scalable. That is the only thing that bothers me. Here is the full review.

Reason 11.3 Rack AAX

With the addition of AAX support, more music makers than ever before can add Reason’s renowned rack of instruments and effects to their beatmaking, sound design, and creative flow in their digital audio workstation. And as in the past, Reason also functions as a standalone digital audio workstation for those who prefer that option.

Pro Tools users will particularly appreciate Reason’s large musical array of creative effects and MIDI processors (called Players). Reason’s free routing of devices through its unique cabling system enables signal flows unimaginable in the physical world — perfectly complementing Pro Tools’ long-established audio recording and editing prowess. Its enormous sound bank of tens of thousands of patches, sounds, samples, and loops gives Avid users terrific sounds and effects for use straightaway or as a launching-off spot for their own artistic exploration.

Reason 11.3 is a free update for registered Reason 11 users. The full Reason 11 version and R11 updates/upgrades are now up to 30% OFF until June 1st, 2020.

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  1. Yes I totally agree with you, Reason badly needs to be scaleable. Because it is not scaleable I don’t use it that much, which is a waste really, considering how great it is in all other aspects

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