ELK Audio OS Runs Now On HiFiBerry Sound Cards For Raspberry Pi

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Audio OS now works with HiFiBerry sound cards and is, therefore, a cheaper entry into the ELK Audio plugin hardware integration world. 

For Superbooth 20 Home Edition, ELK Audio not only presented the new Blackboard breakout controller but also announced something that will happy musicians/developers with a smaller budget. According to the ELK, the newly developed Audio OS operation system can now run also on HiFiBerry’s line of sound cards for the Raspberry Pi.

ELK Audio OS is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3b / 3b+ & 4 and supported by the HiFiBerry products DAC+ADC, DAC+ ADC pro & DAC+ pro. The developer also offers a very easy way to start with its new HiFiBerry Elk bundle, which includes everything you need to get started.

ELK Audio OS Hifiberry

Since the open-source release, we have seen our OS spread in so many directions we never would have expected. We now have a great community of users that can help us understand what is needed and how we can improve. One thing that people have been asking for is a simpler more affordable hardware unit to run the system on. In HiFiBerry we have found the perfect partner in doing this. HiFiBerry makes really great products that are really affordable. Together with the Elk Audio OS and the 500+ available free plugins that already exist, you can very quickly and easily put together your own synth or effect unit.”  – Michele Benincaso

Blackboard Breakout Controller

In a video for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, I talked to Gustav Andersson, the senior software engineer. He explained in detail how the ELK Audio OS works, how easy the VST plugin integration is, and what exactly the new blackboard controller is.

The HiFiBerry ELK bundle is available now for 163.20€.

More information here: ELK Audio

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    • I’m pretty sure it will. it’s running a customized version of Linux, so if it already works there’s a good chance it’s either already supported or possible to integrate with little effort.

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