Quanalog Instruments Faktori, A Module That Combines A Mixer, Filter, Noise & Function Generator

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Quanalog Instruments Faktori packs four essential functions in one analog Eurorack module (mixer, filter, noise and advanced function generator). 

Quanalog Instruments from Montreal (Canada) are still quite newcomers to the Eurorack. Last year they showed Boubou, an exciting 5 voice analog drum voice module with lovely interface design. Today, they have released several demos of their upcoming second module, which is called Faktori.

According to the latest information, Faktori is an analog multi-function module that offers a 5 channel audio/mixer including noise generator, variable filter, and an envelope function generator. So it can replace 4 traditional modules (noise, mixer, filter, envelope/LFO) in your system and can reduce a lot of clutter in a patch. If you look at the module in the “On The Run” demo, you can see more how the module is structured.

Quanalog Instruments Faktori

Mixer, Noise, Filter & Function Generator

At the top is the audio/CV mixer, which has four channels, a fifth is occupied by the noise generator or maybe you can deactivate it if another signal goes in. For each channel, there is a small knob that controls the gain. The signal then goes into a filter with three different modes (LP/BP/HP) and freq (cutoff), resonance and +/- modulation amount. No information yet which filter is installed here.

Further, there is an advanced function generator that can be used as a rise/sustain/fall envelope or in cycle mode like an LFO. The rise and fall curve can also be changed exponentially and linearly, respectively on the left and right side. Also onboard is a slew function, gate, and two CV inputs.

Quanalog Instruments Faktori

There is currently no more information about Faktori. Quanalog Instruments have released two demos on YouTube where you can see the module in action. The filter sounds very nice at first glance in my opinion.

All details will follow in the near future. Price and availability TBA.

More information here: Quanalog Instruments

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