Noise Engineering Released New Modules For The Eurorack & 5U Format

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Even though Noise Engineering did not have a booth on the Superbooth 19, they have released three new modules: 2 new for 5U: Cursus Iteritas Magnus, Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus and one for the Eurorack format: Kith Ruina. The latter is a new 100% analog distortion 4 hp module based on the concept of a classic guitar tone-stack. Warm saturation all the way up to complete overdrive is possible with the drive circuit for endless tone-shaping options.

Besides this, Cursus Iteritas Magnus & Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus both best-known experimental oscillators are now available in the 5U format.

Noise Engineering

Press Release

Los Angeles, California: Noise Engineering is proud to announce the availability of three new products: Kith Ruina, the newest addition to their Ruina line of distortion modules; and Cursus Iteritas Magnus and Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus, two contrasting oscillators for the 5U format.
KR brings the utility of a guitar tonestack—complete with distortion and pristine EQ—to a Eurorack module, shipping May 17.

CIM and AIM to bring 5U into new territory. Based on their similarly named Eurorack counterparts, CIM is a melodically oriented dynamic wavetable oscillator while AIM is an industrial and experimental bit-table oscillator. Both will be available May 24th.

Noise Engineering Kith Ruina is available now for $133 USD and ships on May 17th. CIM & AIM for 5U are available now with an introductory price of $355 USD through June 24 ($444 regular price) and ship on May 24th, 2019.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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