Modal Electronics CRAFTSynth 2 Synthesizer First Look & Sound Demo

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In November 2018, Modal Electronics announced the CRAFTSynth 2, a further development of the original CRAFTSynth. Now the delivery will start and it will be available in May worldwide. At the Thomann Synth Reactor (TSR19) event in March, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the CRAFTSynth 2, with Jackson from Modal Electronics.

CRAFTSynth 2 has evolved in my opinion very nicely and is more versatile than ever. Above all, the new wavetable engine with a very large selection of waveshaper makes it very exciting. Friends of analog synthesizers should look her away, the little CS2 sounds very digital and harsh what is in my opinion beautiful. The built-in digital filter also sounds very good in my opinion, almost react like an analog. No wonder, here were developers at work which understand the digital synthesis, see the big digital Modal Electronics synths.

Modal Electronics CRAFTSynth 2

The interface is also better than its predecessor. Away from the DIY and board-like look, to the new one introduced with the SKULPT Synthesizer. Very well done! In the new CRAFTSynth 2, a sequenced arpeggiator is also added. Here I would have preferred a normal sequencer, with which one can do more like this internal arpeggiator. If you don’t want to use the arp, you can attach the synth via MIDI to an external sequencer very easily.

CRAFTSynth 2 is, in my opinion, a very nice further development. He has grown up, looks solid and makes even more fun. For +/- 150 €, a very nice new portable digital synthesizer from the UK.


  • 8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage
  • 40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform set
  • Process and cross modulate waveforms with 1 of 16 oscillator modifiers including frequency/phase modulation, hard/window sync, ring/amp modulation, derez/bit crush, wavefolders, and waveshapers.
  • multi-option unison/spread to detune the 8 oscillators for a big sound
  • 2-pole resonant filter with morphing from Low Pass, through Band Pass, to High Pass modes
  • 3 envelopes
  • 2 audio rate LFO’s
  • parameters can be mapped to velocity, mod wheel, aftertouch, expression…
  • sequenced arpeggiator
  • MIDI clock sync for LFOs and delay
  • Analog clock sync in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)
  • Powered by USB or 3 x internal AA batteries
  • Optional software editor available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android

First Look From TSR 19

Modal Electronics CRAFTSynth 2 will be available in May for a price of 150€.

More information here: Modal Electronics 

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