Discrete Synthesizers CMS System Is A Replica Of The ARP 2500 For Eurorack

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Honestly, who does not dream of an ARP 2500 or ARP 2600 for his studio? For most musicians, it probably remains a dream, because these instruments are very rare and expensive. So we can only wish that KORG and Behringer will publish an analog replica (BARP 2600?) in the future.

So far there is no information about it. But if you want to have the sound of the ARP 2500/2600 without using a software emulation and do not want to wait until both companies will release a replica, there is good news form the US.

CMS Eurorack System

Phil Cirocco of Discrete Synthesizers has published the CMS System, a replica of the ARP 2500 Synthesizer for the Eurorack format. This is an analog reproduction of the individual modules with small improvements. Unfortunately, these modules are not cheap but there is a replica that is purchasable.

The CMS System features in a total of 7 modules for the Eurorack format.

  • CMS 1004T Pearlman Oscillator is an exact reproduction of the unique and revolutionary temperature compensated VCO circuit combined with another circuit unique to the 2500, The “T” Waveform Mixer, both designed by Alan R. Pearlman.
  • CMS 1066 is an exact reproduction of the filter section of the ARP 1006 FILT-AMP module without the VCA. It is ARP’s version of the transistor ladder. The fact that ARP chooses to permanently patch the VCF to the VCA was “different” but limiting in our opinion, so we chose to separate the 2 functions in keeping with the definition of a true modular system.
  • CMS 1047E is a clone of the famous ARP 1047 multimode filer and is a key ingredient in obtaining the ARP 2500 sound.
  • CMS 1067 is a universal module. It’s a faithful reproduction of the 2500 VCA circuit used in the ARP 1006 and 1005 modules. It is also an improved version of the VCA used in the ARP 2600. If you want to reproduce the function of the ARP 1006 FILT-AMP, you would purchase the 1066 and the 1067.
  • CMS 1032 is a combination module. The ADSR circuit is a faithful and exact reproduction of the 2500 envelope generator circuit. The AR generator is an improved version of the ARP 2600 AR generator with improved input impedance.
  • CMS 1055 is an updated and much more useful version of the ARP 1005 module. It uses the exact circuitry that the ARP 1005 uses with basically a reversed signal path order, plus an additional VCA for panning and voltage controlled mixing effects, just to name few.
  • CMS 1070 is a precision low noise audio mixer

Sound Demo Of The CMS 1047E ARP Multimode Filter

Discrete Synthesizers CMS System modules are available now and costs:

  • 1004: $729
  • 1032: $549
  • 1047: $589
  • 1055: $629
  • 1066: $589
  • 1067: $499
  • 1070: $499

All prices are without fees and shipping. Check the website for additional payment information.

More information here: Discrete Synthesizers

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