VCV Host Lets You Load VST Plugins Into VCV Rack & Use Them Modularly!

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With the new VCV Host, it’s possible to load VST plugins (PC/Mac) into the VCV Rack software modular Synthesizer and to control it with up to 16 parameters!

One of the most successful software products in the field of music tech this year is certainly the VCV Rack Modular Synthesizer. What is impressive, the software is updated almost monthly with new features or modules and the community is already huge. Today, the developer has released an update which makes the system even more exciting.

VCV Host (separate purchase) is a module that  allows you to load VST plugins for PC/ Mac into the VCV Rack environment. Instruments are possible as well as effect processors which can be controlled with up to 16 parameter inputs. In short, you can now control plugins with CV from the VCV Rack modules. Even if the VCV host costs money, this is a very big update in my opinion that brings many new possibilities to the table.

VCV Host VCV Rack


The VCV Host plugin includes two modules for the two types of VST 2.x plugins. Both modules include stereo audio outputs and 16 parameter inputs. For hosting VST instruments, synthesizers, samplers, and sound generators, use Host, which includes 1V/oct pitch CV and gate inputs. When the gate voltages rises, a MIDI note is triggered according to the current 1V/oct signal, rounded to the nearest note. This note is held until the gate falls to 0V.

Only monophonic playing is supported at this time (depending on whether polyphonic cables will be implemented in Rack). However, polyphony may be achieved by “strumming” a polyphonic VST instrument by quickly playing multiple notes with a long release time. For hosting VST effects, processors, and pedals, use Host-FX, which includes stereo audio inputs. The right input is normalized to the left input, so mono audio can be mapped to both stereo channels.

Up to 16 VST automation parameters system can be modulated with CV in Rack, with an input range of 0V to 10V.

VCV Host is available now for $30 USD from the VCV Rack store. VCV Rack is available as free download for PC & Mac.

More information here: VCV Rack 

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