Black Corporation Announced Xerxes – Elka Synthex Synthesizer Clone!

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Black Corporation brings back the iconic analog polyphonic Synthesizer Elka Synthex in rack from with modern features called Xerxes!

One thing is certain, Elka Synthex clones have been announced by many in recent years. A Finnish company or also Mario Maggi (Synthex Originals) from Italy. So far these companies have not published any products. Now another company has an analog clone of the Synthex in the pipeline but this time I have more hopes since the company is good known.

These are the developers from Black Corporation which developed in the past the Deckards Dream (CS-80 clone) and the KIJIMI (RSF Polykobol clone). Now they have announced the Xerxes, a modern rack version of the Elka Synthex with possible modern features. The Elka Synthex became especially well-known because of the amazing sync sounds which are used by Jean Michel Jarre for his laser harp.

Also, one can assume that it will be a DIY project again like the other two synths. From an Instagram post, we know so far that it will have a 8 voices poly analog engine.

More informations about the engine, the price and the availability will be announced soon. Stay tuned for all information about the Xerxes!

Source: Black Corporation

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