Detunized Released Fiat Panda – One Of The Most Unusual Sound Libraries So Far?

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Detunized has sampled the sound of the Fiat Panda car in detail and created one of the most unusual sample libraries so far on the market?

The number of non-Synthesizer sample library news is relatively low but I think the new one from Detunized is worth an article. One thing is for sure, almost everything has already been recorded. Many objects, nature events etc but also the sounds of the Fiat Panda?

Detunized has released today a new sample library that features a complete set of sounds recorded from the Fiat Panda car. Sounds a bit crazy at first to sample a car but certainly interesting. The library features 4.7 GB of sample content with a 71min playing time. Sounds were recorded with the help of 6 onboard microphones and one Sennheiser MS setup for exterior recordings.

A funny idea in my opinion for a sample library but nonetheless a cool new release from Detunized.


Fiat Panda 169 library delivers vehicle sounds of a usual mass production car. The featured model was manufactured in late 2009 and has run about 40.000 miles at the time of recording. With the small 1.1 litre / 55 HP engine it is a lively compact size city car for daily use. The rear muffler already showed some rusty traces of age so that the entire car emits some very characteristic sounds, especially from the exhaust.

For the library the Panda was recorded to 18 takes with 6 onboard mics. These takes feature the car in various driving situations on asphalt, dirt road and gravel. Each take comes as Reaper set with time-aligned tracks from 2 mics in the engine bay, 2 interior mics, 1 wheelhouse and 1 exhaust microphone.

The exterior sounds – that encompass engine on, off, acceleration, approach, stop etc. – are recorded with Sennheiser MS Setup.
Additional foleys of doors, switches, wipers, windows, seat belts etc. are recorded separately with the car´s engine turned off.


  • 18 six-channel Reaper sets, time-aligned tracks.
  • 69 exterior and foley files, stereo.
  • 159 files total, 24 Bit, 96 kHz.
  • 4.7 GB, 71 min total playing time.
  • embedded metadata and ID3 tags.
  • additional meta-data documents.

Fiat Panda by Detunized is available now in two versions: a full size 6-channel sound library cost 45€ and a light version and Ableton Live Pack are also available at 16€ each. The light version includes 15 exterior and foley files (stereo 16-bit/48kHz format) with a total playing time of 12 minutes, while the Live Pack includes 31 Instrument Racks and 30 long clips with several possible entry points.

More information here: Detunized

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