Best Hardware Granular Samplers & Synthesizers!

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3. Gechologic Loopsynth

The “Awesome Gecho Loopsynth” is probably the smallest instrument in this selection. It’s not primarily a granular Synthesizer but a multi-mode open-source pocket Synthesizer that features several modes. This unique battery-powered instrument doesn’t use knobs but has touch-less sensors that react to your fingers. It features also very sensitive microphones that can pick up your signing, whistling or tapping.

In the granular mode, the hardware is capable of sampling up to 1 second of 16-bit stereophonic sound and playing pieces of it back in parallel, as up to 40 grains per ear. The rest of the memory is reserved for echo/loop buffer, if that’s not required, sampling time can be increased. The granular sampler mode includes features like sample looping, grains length & more.

The Gechologic Loopsynth, priced at 149€ or 59€ (DIY) is a small vey interesting open-source synth that also features granular sampling synthesis. Unfortunately, he’s a bit limited in his sampling time (1sec) but nonetheless, musicians can create unlimited crazy granular sounds with it. Since it’s open-source, it can be extended with other engnes and thu it’s far more than just a polyphonic granular synth.

More information here: Gechologic 


    • Yes! A pacarana or paca are still the most powerful granular synthesizers on this planet. And the symbolic sound implementation of granular synthesis sounds very good because of the technical background they have and how the algorithms are implemented on a real DSP plattform.

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