The Plugin Format VST 2 Is Coming To An End – No Reason To Worry!

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VST 2 retires and leaves VST 3 in command!

Interesting news coming from Steinberg this week. The company announced that the SDK for VST 2 would no longer be maintained and that all their energy goes in the VST3 format. This news doesn’t affect to your current plugin setup. All your plugins will work normally but Steinberg recommend developers to jump on the modern plugin format.

In my opinion, a logical step from Steinberg that brings the VST3 format further in terms of accessibility. I’m pretty sure that DAW’s like Ableton Live must deliver now VST3 support. They have ignored it for a longer time but are now almost forced to implement it in their workstation. Looking forward how the DAW and plugin developers will react to this news.

Official Statement From Steinberg

Late 2013 we announced that the Software Development Kit (SDK) for VST 2 would no longer be maintained and would only be available as subset of the VST 3 SDK. Five years down the line and this transitional phase is now also coming to an end. From October 2018 onward we are closing down the second version of VST for good. While the  VST 2 SDK has been unavailable, and so have maintenance and technical support, the subset within the VST 3 SDK will also be omitted.

VST 2 compatibility with Steinberg VST hosts will remain, however, we recommend to root for the latest version of VST. VST 2 was introduced in 1999 and since then the technology has evolved dramatically. Since 2008, the SDK for the third iteration of VST, VST 3, has been available and since then efforts are focused entirely on the further development of VST 3.
“We appreciate that developers and users alike gravitate strongly toward the VST 3 interface that comes with many technological advancements. By bidding farewell to VST 2, we hope to offer everyone a clear direction,” comments Yvan Grabit, technology lead at Steinberg.

More information here: VST 3

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