ARTURIA Minibrute 2 Synthesizer: What’s New In The Oscillator Section

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Just before the NAMM 2018, ARTURIA had burst the synth bomb. The MiniBrute 2, 2S analog Synthesizers as well as the RackBrutes Eurorack cases were presented. In addition to a new interface design, the instrument can still score with the well-known oscillator but the engineers developed it further. In addition to the classic saw, pulse and triangle waveform and their shaper function, the MiniBrute 2 & 2S features now a second oscillator.

The second oscillator comes with a sine, saw and pulse waveform. With this one, it’s now possible to design very exciting sync or FM sounds but also to use it as third LFO. In latest video, I will present you all the new relevant features of the oscillator section.

ARTURIA MiniBrute 2: What’s New In The Oscillator Section

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Available here for pre-order: ARTURIA MiniBrute 2 


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