KV331 Audio Released SynthMaster Player 2.9.6 Update With New Factory Presets

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KV331 Audio’s excellent SynthMaster Synthesizer plugin got a major feature update with the latest 2.9 release (wavetable synthesis…). Today, it’s time for a nice update for the SynthMaster Player version. Update 2.9.6 comes with 150 new factory presets by Bluffmunkey, Aelyx Design and Gercek Dorman. Also the way to purchase new presets for the Player version has been improved in this new update. The developers enhanced here the complete in-app-store experience.

Not only SynthMaster player got an update but also the full featured Synthesizer plugin SynthMaster received an update with many bug fixings.

New Features For SynthMaster Player
  • New Factory Presets: SynthMaster Player 2.9 comes with 150 new factory presets by Bluffmunkey, Aelyx Design and Gercek Dorman:
  • In-App-Store: SynthMaster Player 2.9 dramatically simplifies the workflow for purchasing, downloading and installing KV331 Audio products by introducing an ‘In-App-Store’ built right inside the plugin. Users can see the products that they’ve purchased, download and install the ones that are not on their system with the click of a button.
  • Internationalization (I18N): SynthMaster Player 2.9 brings support for UTF8 encoded file paths, so it’s now fully compatible with international users who use an operating system with a non-Ascii character set:
Critical Fixes For SynthMaster & SynthMaster Player
  • License key file dialog doesn’t show up and factory presets list is empty when user upgrades from SynthMaster Player Free to SynthMaster Player.
  • SynthMaster might crash when warning messages are generated after loading a preset.
  • SynthMaster crashes when a wavetable with more than 256 waveforms is imported.
  • When user drags and drops a modulation source from the modulation sources tab, SynthMaster might crash.
  • When a preset is initialized, drag and drop of a modulation source from the modulation sources tab results in an empty modulation matrix entry.
  • SynthMaster might crash when the mod matrix source filter is changed.
  • Modulation of amount parameter of LoFi effect causes zipper noise.
  • Modulation of amount parameter of Distortion effect causes zipper noise.
  • Modulation of amount parameter of Echo effect causes zipper noise.
  • Modulation of amount parameter of Chorus effect causes zipper noise.
  • When a new modulation matrix entry is created, SynthMaster incorrectly creates an additional entry.
  • Modulation tab header requires two clicks to display modulation sources menu for a different category.
  • When the oscillator algorithm is changed from sample playback to wavetable, the oscillator doesn’t play the wavetable correctly.
  • Some text labels are clipped when being displayed.
  • SynthMaster fails to read some factory waveforms/wavetables when the operating system doesn’t return files and folders in sorted order.
  • Edited factory presets.
  • Edited factory skins.
Demo By The Sound Test Room

Registered users can download the latest updates from the official KV331 Audio’s website.

More information here: KV331 Audio

Available here: KV331 Audio SynthMaster 

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