A Dream For Composers! VST Buzz Offers The Orchestral Bundle (100GB) For Kontakt 5 For Only 99€

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What do composers need in their studio to write big soundtracks? Yes, a lot of sound libraries that cover the different classic instruments that are in a full orchestra. To minimize costs, many composers use large sample libraries in Kontakt per example than using a real orchestra. Even sample libraries cost a lot of money today, but are essential for the work of any composer. Danny Elfmann, Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi and many other use programs like Kontakt 5 with third-part libraries to turn their ideas into music.

Although these sample libraries can be very expensive, there are always moments when amateurs can upgrade their sound arsenal very well and inexpensively.

VST Buzz, a website for music production deals announced today one of their best deals of the year 2017. For limited time, you can buy the Orchestral Bundle by Aria Sounds, an astounding collection of almost 100GB of content with a 90% OFF discount. This bundle includes strings, percussion, keys, ethnic and much more. It’s perfect for all sorts of musical composition including Orchestral, Underscore, Ethnic, Trailer, Pop, Rock & more.

Available here: VST Buzz Aira Sounds The Orchestra Bundle 90% OFF 

The Orchestral Bundle is an fantastic collection of 11 deeply-sampled and fully featured libraries that bought separately would cost nearly 1000€ and includes the following products:


London Symphonic Strings (42GB Of The Finest Strings In The World) 

This library consists of the standard five section string ensemble, deeply sampled for the ulitmate in expressive performance: 1st violins, 2nd violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses. Recorded 24 bit / 48kHz with four mic positions (Close, Main, Rigs and Room) in a beautiful sounding hall, each section has up to 3 dynamic layers with up to 4 RR per note. (Normally priced at 249€)

LSS Solo Strings (16GB+ of Stunning Solo Strings with 4 Mic Perspectives!

Thanks to the huge 16GB+ of sampled material in this collection, the attention to detail and sheer breadth of techniques for every single instrument is astounding! This library is divided into 4 logical instrumental sections: Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass. The players from this library are well established musicians whose experiences includes playing for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Welsh National Opera and much more…


Surdos & Snares (6.5GB Of Epic Drums Consisting Of Three Snares & Three Suro Drums!) 

This is a very flexible percussion ensemble consisting of three snares and three surdo drums, all placed and recorded in the formation shown on the GUI, and reproduced faithfully, so you can play these drums, and they will sound in these positions. This library also boasts an astounding 127 dynamic layers per hit/technique/key for full realism, and an extremely controllable sound and soundscape with various playing techniques including: Soft mallets, sticks, rims, hands, different brushes.

Colossal Tomas (6GB Of Content – An Ensemble Of Eight Separately Playable, Differently Pitched Toms) 

Consisting of eight individually tuned toms with tunings from large and deep to high, all placed and recorded in the formation shown on the GUI, and reproduced faithfully, so you can play these drums, and they will sound in these positions. This library also boasts an astounding 127 dynamic layers per hit/technique/key for full realism, and an extremely controllable sound and soundscape with various playing techniques including: soft mallets, sticks, sticks with newspaper on the drum, hands and different brushes.

Catalyst Cinematic Percussion – Over 20 Stunning Cinematic Percussion Instruments (3.04GB) 

This library includes the following pristinely recorded percussion instruments: Alfia, Big Floor Tom, Bodhran, Daf, Darbuka, Deep Bass Drum, Djembe, Floor Tom 2, Frame Drum, Gaia, Gong Cymbal, Indian Bells, Indian Frame Drum, Keys, Pandeiro, Riq, SFX Rims, Shakers, Sizzle Cymbal, Slammer, Snail, Tom Tom, Virus and Wreckage Drums.

Each instrument is sampled with up to five round robins per note, with multiple velocity layers per note, for maximum realism and that extra human sounding quality. They also come with a variety of playing techniques including: Mallets, Hard Sticks, Soft Sticks and as well as trills and even extended techniques included! This library also comes with comes with a staggering FOUR mic positions to mix between. These include close, overheads, mid, and far mic positions, for ultimate control over the sound!


Bansuri Flute – 0.8GB of authentic traditional Indian Flute with True Legato

The Bansuri is an traditional, ancient Indian flute. Get that fantastic, well known and loved ethnic sound in your scores/soundtracks! Featuring true legato interval playing, Aria Sounds have sampled this instrument extensively with a wide variety of expressional playing including the following articulations: Vibrato, No Vibrato, Different types of turn, FP (loud – sudden quiet), Accelerating Vibrato and Airy Soft vs Harder Attacks.

Xiao Flute 

The Xiao is a ancient traditional Chinese, end-blown bamboo flute, also known as the dòngxiao. Aria Sounds have sampled this instrument with true legato intervals all the way up to the octave, and, like the bansuri, have artificially filled in the notes which actually are not possible to play on the instrument physically. With this instrument, you can play it in any key, as you would any other VST instrument on the keyboard, without worrying about which notes are possible etc T

here are multiple keyswitches, arranged so you can choose the first note of a phrase, and alter the expression of notes throughout a phrase as you play, allowing for an extremely human like sound. The possible expressions include the following: Builds, From Above, Turn, FP (loud – sudden quiet), Mordent and Normal.

Celtic Harp – A Highly Expressive Traditional Celtic Harp

A traditional, folk instrument, that is usually outside the realms of standard classical music. This was sampled in a completely different room to Aria Sounds’ other instruments. They chose a location that would compliment and retain the instrument’s warth of tone. This instrument comes complete with the following features: 3 dynamic level, up to 9 variations per note and velocity mapped dynamics

Pianos, Organs & Keys

Silk Piano – A Sampled Fazzioli Concert Grand Piano (6GB)

The Fazioli is one of the most sought after and prestigious pianos in the world, with an absolutely unique sound, and the most beautiful crystal-clear low end. Aria Sounds aimed to capture both this, and the rest of the amazing range of sound the piano has to offer, making sure to also record it’s enormous dynamic range as well. This extensively sampled instrument comes with the following features:

  • Up to 76 velocity layers per note (average of 35 velocity layers per note)
  • Close and Stage mic positions
  • 24bit/96khz Samples

Pipe Organ – A Magnificent Huge Church Organ (2GB)

This is the one instrument where you can virtually pull out all the stops in the interface, choosing between a fantastic selection of stops, combinations and tuttis. Ranges of each stop will be shown on the keyboard when activated, pedals low, and manuals higher, plus optional octave extention controls, just like on a real organ. This incredible instrument comes with all the stops and sounds listed below:

Pedals: Open bass, Flute, Bourdon, Contra Bombarde, Trombone, Swell: Clarion, Oboe, Trumpet & Waldhorn, Flute, Vox Angelica Great, Tromba, Fifteenth and Principal, Claribel Flute, Dulciana & Open Diapasons Choir, Clarinet, Flautino & Nasson Flute, Viola da Gamba & Gedeckt, Combos: Great all out, Choir all out, Swell all out & Swell mellow comboTutti(Tutti).

Hybrichord – Sounds that you’d never imagine could come out of a piano… (4.3GB)

Hybrichord is Aria Sounds’ first exploration into what they can really get out of a normal piano, and the initial results are fantastic. Using various means of getting the instrument to vibrate, including wiring the instrument up, using magnets, electric current, etc, they managed to create some fantastic organic sounding sonic landscapes. Of course, Aria have also included a variety of more well known experimental techniques, including: Picks, Plucks, Bows, Hammers, Drumming & Screws in the strings.

The Orchestral Bundle by Aria Sounds features up to 100GB of sound content and is now available with a 90% OFF discount for 99€ (normally priced 952€) Full version of Kontakt 5 is required for using this entire bundle.

Honestly, I’m not a composer oriented musician (big orchestra…) but this end of year deal from VST Deal is an amazing way to upgrade your sound arsenal for not a lot of money. For only 99€, you receive here everything you need to compose big cinematic music and much more. Don’t miss this special deal from VST Buzz and Aira Sounds.

Available here: VST Buzz Aira Sounds The Orchestra Bundle 90% OFF 

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