The ARP Odyssey Synthesizer Is Now Part Of The New KORG Collection For PC & Mac

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That’s a nice surprise before end of year.  KORG released today an update for the best-known KORG Legacy Collection. The new version is now renamed as KORG Collection and features now an emulation of the ARP Odyssey as well as improvements for the other products.

New Synthesizer Plugin: ARP Odyssey 

The ARP ODYSSEY which Korg brought back in 2015 was designed with the advisory assistance of ARP Instruments cofounder David Friend. In that model, Korg was able to nail the sound of the original ARP Odyssey. Rather than using generic modelling techniques that simulate output sound, KORG digitized the transistor, condenser, and resistor used in the hardware model. We used those digitized components to reconstruct the same circuits as the hardware. With this method, KORG has completely reproduced the complex sound and parameter characteristics which are born from the entirety of the ARP ODYSSEY’s circuits.

The software includes the 3 different filters originating from the different dates of production and the drive circuitry which were features of the hardware ARP ODYSSEY brought back by KORG. It has also been newly equipped with the long-awaited Voice Assign Mode which makes chord playing possible, an arpeggiator which can be minutely programmed as with a sequencer, and an effects unit which can bring variegated transformations to your sound. Also, you can switch between the three designs of ARP Odyssey which are different based on the date of production. In addition to the Rev3’s iconic black panel with orange silk-screening, you can get the Rev1’s white panel and the Rev2’s black panel with gold silk-screening.

Improved User Interfaces, New Presets & Future Updates

In the new KORG Collection for Mac/Win, the developers improved the old user interfaces for newer screens. Unfortunately, it’s not a redesign of the interfaces but they looks better now. I hope that KORG will update in 2018 the interfaces of their old great software plugins. Beside the improved GUI’s, the instruments comes with new professional designed presets. KORG also announced future updates for the KORG Collection but with no information what they will release.

New Registration System – KORG ID To KORG SHOP

Same as for Gadget for Mac, KORG also announced now that they will transfer the old Legacy Collection to the new KORG Shop system. It allows users to download and register quicker KORG software than before. “We will soon be migrating the server to KORG ID and KORG Shop along with the partial termination of service of KORG USER NET. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to KORG Legacy Collection users. We request that you follow the instructions to complete the migration procedures. You will be able to switch from the KORG Legacy Collection series to KORG Collection”.

The KORG Collection Special Bundle for Mac/Win is now available with an 50% OFF introduction discount  for $149 USD ($299 USD). The new ARP ODYSSEY is now available for an introductory price of $69.99 USD (regular price $99.99 USD). Users of the Legacy Bundle can upgrade for $49.99 USD and users of the M1 Le (included with MIDI controllers) can upgrade for $99.99 USD (instead of $149 USD)

More information here: KORG Collection

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