Analogue Solutions Released First Treadstone Synthesizer Sound Demo

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Analogue Solutions announced recently the Treadstone Synthesizer, the first synth in the synthBlocks product range. The company released today the first sound demo teaser of this new compact analog Synthesizer. The music used in this demo is inspired by Daft Punk’s TRON Legacy soundtrack.

Treadstone features a high-quality full analogue audio and modulation synth circuit that is powered by one discrete VCO. The sound can be further extended by a sub oscillator and noise generator. The Tradstone features a 24dB SSM style filter as well as an extensive modulation section with an LFO, envelope generator and different modulation options.

In the creative section, it has also a loop sequencer that allows you to create very quick sequences. All this rounded off by a Lo-Fi digital echo.


  • Fully analogue audio and modulation synth circuits with low fi digital echo
  • Discrete VCO design
  • Loop sequencer
  • 24db filter SSM style
  • Sub oscillator
  • LFO
  • Noise
  • Envelope generator
  • Extensive modulation.
  • Minijacks to connect to your eurorack system
  • and of course finest british analog vintage sound

The Analogue Solutions Treadstone will be available in 2018 for an estimated price of under 600€.

More information here: Analogue Solutions 

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