The Ultimate Cyber Monday Synthesizer Plugins Deals Summary

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It’s Cyber Monday and many Synthesizer plugins are on sale currently. In order not to make many individual postings on the website, here is a summary  of the most important deals

AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3 Synthesizer ($1 USD) 

AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3 is a virtual Synthesizer that combines two different synthesis technologies: subtractive as well as wavetable synthesis. It’s powered by a dual filter system as well as a very flexible modulation system with up to 8 LFO’s. For creating rhythmic sounds, it features also a versatile arpeggiator and sequencer module. To refine the sounds, Hybrid 3 features 40 different high-quality effects. For a price of $1 USD, Hybrid 3 is an absolute no-brainer deal for Cyber Monday. Don’t miss this deal. On top, you can expand the factory library with several presets library. These are also on sale for each $1 USD.

Available here:

AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3 & Expansions

AIR Music Tech Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade (50% OFF) 

One of the cheapest and best Synthesizer plugin deals is offering currently AIR Music Tech with their Expansion Pack 3 Complete upgrade offer. Every owner of one instrument (free AIR Xpand!2 or the $1 USD Hybrid 3…) can upgrade to the complete bundle. This bundle includes a lot of different instrument including high-quality effects as well ass many sound banks. If you upgrade to this bundle, you receive on top three new versatile Synthesizer plugins, classical instruments like piano, e-piano, organ but also a complete collection of effect plugins. For a price round about $80 USD, this deal is a no-brainer if you want to expand your sound arsenal cheap as possible.

Available here: AIR Music Tech AIEP 3 Complete Bundle Upgrade 

Novation V-Station & Bass Station Bundle ($19.93 USD)

Same as in the hardware area, there are also classics for software synths. One of these products are the Novation V-Station & Bass Station Synthesizer. The V-Station is a polyphonic Synthesizer for PC and Mac that has the same 3 oscillator architecture as the best known Novation K-Station hardware synth.

The Bass Station plugin is carefully modelled after the famous monophonic dual-oscillator analogue Synthesizer from Novation. Musicians can design deep fat bass sounds to clean screaming leads easily with the Bass Station.

This limited time bundle summarise nicely two older plugins with a unique Novation sound.

Available here:Novation V-Station & Bass Station Bundle 

Native Instruments Thanksgiving XXL 

Native Instruments launched for Black Friday / Cyber Monday a 50% OFF sale on their software products including all their Synthesizer plugins Massive, Absynth 5, Reaktor 6, …. The best deal you can do here especially with Reaktor 6 and the Komplete 11 upgrades/updates.

Available here: Native Instruments 

Admiral Quality Synthesizer products 75% OFF

Admiral Quality, a company that has a quite similar development approach than U-he. They develop high-quality and authentic synth plugin that consume a bit more of CPU. With this extra consumption, they achieve a better sound engine. If you search high-end virtual analog synths, than check out their 75% OFF sale that runs until November 30th, 2017.

Available here: Admiral Quality 

Applied Acoustic Systems Up To 57% OFF 

Many companies are developing virtual analog or wavetable Synthesizers per example. The Canadian company Applied Acoustics Systems is taking other paths and have created excellent instrument plugins based on top notch physical modelling synthesis technology. Especially, Chromaphone 2, a super versatile percussive Synthesizer is an excellent example that shows how beautiful such instrument can sound. If you search physical modelling instruments like synths, guitar, effects,… than check out absolutely the currently holiday sale. (until November 3o, 2017)

Available here: AAS Black Friday Sale 

ARTURIA Black Friday Sale – 50% OFF individual plugins / V-Collection 5

During this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the french company ARTURIA announced a limited time 50% OFF sale on their individual plugins as well as one their big V-Collection 5. The V-Collection 5 is especially a great deal for musicians who search a lot of different emulation of old synth plugins like the Minimoog, Prophet 5, Matrix 12 or the Synclavier. This special sale runs until November 28, 2017.

Available here: ARTURIA 

Audio Damage – 35% OFF the entire order 

Different with an experimental touch. That could be the words how to describe the plugins of Audio Damage. For limited time, you can save 35% OFF on the entire order. If you search plugins that goes in the experimental (distorted, glitchy, …) world than check out this limited time sale. (until November 27, 2017)

Available here: Audio Damage 

D16 Group 40% OFF 

The Polish developer D16 Group announced a limited time 40% OFF sale on their entire range of instrument and effect plugins. If you search excellent, authentic drum machine emulations, a nice SH-101 recreation or simple but effective effects than check out the D16 Group sale.

Available here: D16 Group 

KORG music apps & software: Holiday Sale – up to 50% OFF!

Back on NAMM 2017, KORG introduced their Synthesizer Digital Audio Workstation Gadget for Mac. The product has been on the market for about half a year and is now available with a 50% OFF discount. The normal price is still to high compared to the iOS version but for the sale price, it’s now better and more acceptable. One big advantage compared to the iOS version, you receive in the Gadget for Mac version all Gadget instruments as single plugins what is a great value. If you are interested in the Mac version than don’t miss the holiday sale. The special sale runs until Januar 9, 2018.

Available here: KORG 

KV331 Audio Holiday Sale

The Turkish based software company KV331 Audio announced their traditional holiday sale recently. The company is best known in the electronic music industry for the excellent Synthmaster 2 and Synthmaster One Synthesizer. Both plugins are constantly updated with new features and offers the perfect instruments for creating tracks. Synthmaster 2 is per example a soft synth that comes with several different synthesis technologies, excellent filters and a many ready-to-use factory presets designed by professional sound designer. Synthmaster One is the little brother of Synthmaster 2 and is a very versatile wavetable Synthesizer that comes with a straightforward interface design and a lot of presets. With several deep sound design options and an excellent presets, Synthmaster One is a perfect wavetable Synthesizer for everyone. If you search excellent sounding synth plugins with a lot of synthesis options than checkout the KV331 products in the current sale.

Available here: KV331 Audio Sale 

Psychic Modulation Sale (25 % OFF) 

Psychic Modulation is an independent company that creates excellent instrument as well as effect plugins for PC and Mac. Especially their Phonec 2 is a versatile Synthesizer with a different sound character than classical virtual analog synths. Only until today (27 November), you can save on the Phonec 2 Synthesizer 25% OFF. Use the code L81985XWW6M at checkout.

Available here: Psychic Modulation Plugins

Photosounder Synthesizer (60% OFF) 

If you are tired of hundreds of virtual analog, wavetable, fm… Synthesizer products than Photosounder may be pleased. Photosounder is a very unique Synthesizer products that allows you to transform image files in sound. With several in depth features, you can edit the sounds produced by the image files and create very extraordinary digital sounds. The sound character is very unique of this instrument and is not comparable with other devices. For limited time, you can save 60% OFF on this unique standalone Synthesizer.

Available here: Photosounder 

Vengeance Sound Avenger Synthesizer (20% OFF) 

Vengeance Sound latest plugin development Avenger is a real monster Synth and joins the league of the high-end Synthesizer plugins like Omnisphere 2, Falcon, Zebra 2 or Serum. Avenger is not just a simple virtual analog Synthesizer but features several excellent synthesis technologies in the engine like granular synthesis, custom waveforms & more. On top, it comes with a drum machine inside the plugin and all this can be layered to one epic sound. If you have been interested in the Avenger Synthesizer for a long time now, you show take a closer look at the offer as the developer doesn’t do that much sales in the year. This offer is valid until January 1, 2018.

Available here: Vengeance Sound Avenger Synthesizer

Softube Modular (Up to 48% OFF) 

Do you search a very good sounding alternative to Eurorack Synthesizer without spending too much money? For some time now, Softube is offering Modular, a high-end emulation that lets you easily learn how Eurorack synths works. They collaborate with Eurorack developers and create very authentic emulations of specific modules from Doepfer, 4ms etc. With VCV Rack there is also a free independent emulation available, but doesn’t offer the same sound quality as Modular from Softube. If you are interested in the Softube Modular universe, than now it’s the perfect time because you can save up to 48% OFF for limited time. (ends 30th November)

Available here:  Softube Modular 

Sugar Bytes Black Friday Sale (Up To 56% OFF) 

Extraordinary, glitch or crazy. These are just a few words how to describe Sugar Bytes Synthesizers and effects. Every products from the Berlin based company is unique and offers clever features to create crazy sounds not possible with other products on the market. With the Factory or Cyclop Synthesizer, the company developed two plugins that allows musicians to create very wired synth sounds not possible with virtual analog synths. Both plugins comes with crazy sequencers that gives you a nice tool to create experimental rhythmical sounds. If you search crazy sound design tools for your DAW than don’t miss the Sugar Bytes sales.

Available here: Sugar Bytes 

UVI Black Friday Sale

The French software blacksmith UVI has become more and more a developer for excellent plugins in the recent times. Especially with Falcon, the company has developed  a very complex and versatile Synthesizer and sound tool that incorporates all the synthesis technologies available today: wavetable, FM, virtual analogue, additive, granular (stereo), physical modelling, multi-samples and more. All this is rounded off with a very large and exciting selection of very good effects. Everything is modular and musicians can design quick own complex multi-layer instrument. Not to forget, UVI offers also excellent sounding samples library that are based on classic and modern Synthesizers, drum machines and other instruments. If you are interested in Falcon or another product from UVI, now it’s a good moment to check out the deals. Especially for Falcon because the company doesn’t offer often 30% OFF on this masterpiece software.

Available here: UVI Holidays Sale 

Izotope Iris 2 

With Iris 2, Izotope created a very unique sample-based Synthesizer that gives musicians unlimited sound possibilities using any kind of audio material. Just drop a sample (field recordings, waveform…) inside the engine and with unique painting and brush sound features, musicians can quickly design new sounds. Iris 2 is super interesting especially for musicians / sound designers who works a lot with field recordings because this tool allows to use these files very easily. If you search something complete different than a classic Synthesizer (virtual analog, wavetable…) than check out absolutely Iris 2 from Izotope. With the current 67% OFF discount, Iris 2 is an absolute no-brainer for sound designers.

Available here: Izotope Iris 2 

Izotope BreakTweaker Drum Synthesizer 

Working with drum machines is fun, even more when using hardware machines. Software becomes more exciting when they can do much more than vintage devices. With BreakTweaker Izotope has developed a Drum Synthesizer / Drum Machine that lets you dive deep into the world of rhythmic sounds. With features like stutter effects, micro-steps, granular like beats & more, is BreakTweaker a drum machine instrument that doesn’t exist in hardware. If you love to create crazy, very complex and unheard drum machine patterns with a deep engine than check out absolutely BreakTweaker. In few minutes, you can create with BreakTweaker a modular sounding beat.

Available here: Izotope BreakTweaker

Here are some other Synthesizer products on sale to absolutely check out 

Plugin Boutique Carbon (50% OFF)versatile and easy-to-use virtual analog Synthesizer

Plugin Boutique Virtual CZ (50% OFF) – authentic emulation of the Casio CZ Synthesizer series

SONiVOX TimewARP 2600 (80% OFF) – excellent sounding and authentic reproduction of the legendary ARP 2600 Synthesizer

Imaginando DRC (40% OFF) – excellent virtual analog Synthesizer plugin from Portugal

BeepStreet Sunrizer (38% OFF) – versatile, full featured, good sounding modern Synthesizer plugin with a straightforward UI design for PC & Mac

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