Sonicsmith Modulor A1 Announced – New Compact Full Analog Synthesizer

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Sonicsmith became as company famous in the last years for it’s unique audio controlled analog Synthesizers Squaver P1 and Convertor. Today, the company expand their product range with a smaller analog instrument. Modulor A1 is a new full analog Synthesizer in a compact format. Same as the Squaver P1 and Convertor, the upcoming Modulor A1 doesn’t feature a MIDI interface but is only controllable via control voltage.

It features a VCO (square, triangle), LFO (square, triangle) (each sync-able) and two VCA’s (one dedicated to the VCO and the other to the LFO). With numerous patching options, the developers makes the device ready for the modular world. The Modulor A1 allows also to make some crazy FM sounds via the very fast LFO that goes up t 200Hz. For a price of 239.43€, it’s an exciting new affordable analog Synthesizer with a different concept. Looking forward to hear it in the final version.

The Modulor A1 is here to dive deep into modular synthesis in the 9V pedal environment. Either as a companion to our Audio Controlled Synths or along with your own modular synths, this handy 9 X 10 cm synth is a tiny version of a modular synth. The VCO pitch input is 1V/octave and has a 9V minijack output on the front. The other VCO output is a big jack on the back at line level unbalanced+4 dBu. VCO sync input will reset the wave’s position to zero every time a threshold of 0V is crossed. The LFO sync input threshold is 3.0v for compatibility with most gate signals. Two knobs for pitch offset 20Hz-20kHz and the other knob is -4-+4 semitones.

Another teaser showing the cool sounds you can make with our Modulor A1#analogsynth #semimodular #fm #techno

Posted by Sonicsmith on Sonntag, 26. November 2017


  • VCO, LFO and two VCAs
  • 9V standard pedal PSU
  • VCO with two outputs: a big jack +4 dBu post VCA and a minijack 9V out without VCA to control as clock or mix into Eurorack system.
  • Sync input on both the LFO and the VCO
  • LFO from 0.2 Hz up to 200Hz for FM synthesis
  • LFO to VCO pitch in” switch for instant satisfaction

The Sonicsmith Modulor A1 is available now for pre-order for 239.43€ and the company expect shipping in May 2018.

More information here: Sonicsmith 

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