Senode Is A New Non-Linear Graphical Polyphonic Sequencer For iOS

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Since some months, the german developer Sebastian Arnold is teasing a new interesting sequencer for the iOS. Initially available for as desktop version, it’s now finally available as iOS app.  Senode is a new music app that follows another concept that more classical sequencer. It’s a new non-linear graphical polyphonic sequencer that allows you to create very complex sequences.

For me personal, a very interesting new sequencer that has a different interface design and some cool creative features. Also good to see is that it’s not just a midi sequencer but also an instrument. It features an integrated polyphonic Synthesizer with sine wave, square and saw oscillators, ADSR envelope, filter and reverb. If you search a new unique sequencer for iOS than check out Senode.

SENODE is a new music composition app for iPad. It extends the concept of linear step sequencers to a freely connectable graph with an unlimited number of instruments traveling along the edges. The simple “finite state machine” model allows you to create complex polyphonic sequences and play them in real-time!


The core of Senode is a graph of Nodes connected by Edges. You decide if it behaves like a simple vending machine or a complex pinball game. Each Node triggers a sound when activated, while Edges determine the direction of travel. Instruments are controlled by Emitters which send their Tokens onto the graph. That means, you can compose a generative music piece for a whole orchestra using the graph notation and a couple of Emitters! It gets more interesting if you add random directions or emit multiple Tokens at different time positions.


You can compose and perform your music live using the intuitive multi-touch interface. The on-screen keyboard helps you to visualize and edit notes assigned to the currently selected Node. Drag and connect Nodes with multiple fingers or use the lasso tool. Activate a sequence by sending Tokens onto the graph. Use your fingers to step through sequences manually or tap the master clock. All synth parameters are accessible from the main panel with multi-touch as well.


Each Emitter contains a simple but powerful subtractive synthesizer with main OSC (sine, saw, square), sub OSC (sine), 1-pole lowpass filter, stereo reverb and ADSR envelope. Try the demo patches to get inspired!


Senode is the perfect sequencer for all MIDI-capable apps. If you connect a MIDI interface, you can even control your hardware synths with the app.


Use the step record function to create new nodes on the fly, either from single notes or with chord detection. For advanced compositions, we recommend to connect a MIDI keyboard via lightning adapter and capture your song ideas as you play.


Senode is made for live music performance. There are no default “beats” or “bars” and all actions are performed in real time. However, Tokens can be quantized to a master clock (16th resolution) and support catch-up, which means you can hit all functions like a drummer “on the spot” and stay in sync, even if you’re too early or a little late. By the way, the really cool stuff will happen if you break free from 4/4 bar schemes, start your sequences on off-beat timings or create crazy polyrhythmic cycles…


  • innovative non-linear graphical sequencer with draggable multi-touch interface
  • integrated polyphonic synthesizer with sine wave, square and saw oscillators, ADSR, filter and reverb
  • unlimited number of steps and directions: cycles, randomized, one-shot – everything possible
  • real-time sequencer control with master clock and catch-up quantization
  • support for single notes or chords with velocity, legato or fixed-length notes
  • chord detection, hold and replace modes
  • transpose and clock divide functions
  • polyphonic traversal with unlimited number of tokens and different instruments on the same graph
  • quickly record nodes or chords via on-screen keyboard or MIDI input
  • control other music apps or external gear via MIDI
  • comes with tutorial and example patches that you can instantly play

Here is a video in german of an early iOS version.

Senode for iOS is now avalable for $7.99 USD on the Apple App Store

Available here: Senode 

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