Audiowerkstatt Introduced A Smart Midi-Clock-Multiplier Utility Tool

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Midi Clocks can often be shared directly on complex instruments, on the sequencer or in DAW’s. Since this is not possible in any devices you need an additional MIDI clock distributor. The german developer audiowerkstatt released this week a new smart device that works as MIDI-clock-multiplier.  This allows you to multiply up the MIDI-clock and to create per example polyrhythmic sequences.

The audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier multiplies the MIDI-clock of the MIDI-master, whereby the MIDI-slave runs correspondingly faster. The multipliers are 1x, 2x, 3x, …, 8x, 9x.

If the multiplier 1 is selected, the MIDI-clock is simply passed through. With the multiplier of e.g. 2 the MIDI-slave runs at double speed. So 16ths-notes will be 32th-notes.

Optionally you can mix the newly created MIDI-clock and mmc commands (start, stop, continue) with the incoming MIDI-in data.

The audiowerkstatt MIDI-clock-multiplier is now available for 119€ incl. 19% tax.

More informations here: MIDI-clock-multiplier 


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