KORG Released iMono/Poly For IOS – The Iconic 4 VCO Synthesizer From 1981

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Big news for all KORG fans. KORG just released the iMono/Poly, a recreation of the iconic Mono/Poly Synthesizer for iOS. In my opinion, this new release was very logical because musicians ask KORG to release this synth also for iPad and iPhone. As usual, if you buy this app, you will receive also a Gadget version with the name Montpellier for free.

Available here: KORG iMono/Poly 

Reviving a classic KORG analog synthesizer. The iconic 4VCO synthesizer, reborn on iOS.

The Mono/Poly analog synthesizer appeared in 1981 at the same time as the acclaimed Polysix. Not only was it a fat-sounding four-VCO monophonic synthesizer, it featured a revolutionary design that allowed it to also be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer, which helped cement its legendary status. The long-awaited “KORG iMono/Poly” iPad/iPhone app completely reproduces all features of the original Mono/Poly. Four VCOs and a rich array of modulation allow a wide range of detailed sound design. New functionality such as two multi-effects units and eight virtual patches are also provided. In addition, the seamless integration that you expect from KORG’s iOS apps will fit perfectly into your music making process. The Mono/Poly has been reborn for today’s world, bringing you a unique and legendary sound.

* Due to differences in CPU speed of iPads / iPhones, iPad 3rd gen/2/iPad mini/iPhone 4s are not supported, only iPad Air/iPhone 5s or later is recommended.


  • Deep 4VCO sound. A complete reproduction of the classic Mono/Poly. The Mono/Poly synthesizer featured four VCOs, a dedicated envelope generator for the VCF, and also sync and cross-modulation, earning it a reputation for its detailed sound-shaping potential and its distinctive character.
  • Powerful virtual patches, and the latest presets to catch the scene. Eight virtual patches provide the ultimate expansion of the Mono/Poly’s distinctive sound-design potential. Two multi-effect units are also provided, allowing you to create complex and broad-ranging sounds with complete freedom.

  • Quick access to all panels. Although iMono/Poly provides a vast number of parameters, it’s designed with a screen structure that provides quick and seamless access to all of them. With a single tap, you can rotate between the main synth & key assign screen and the virtual patch & effect screen. There’s no need to open individual screens for specific functions, or to move back and forth between them.
  • Produce music in conjunction with KORG Gadget. iMono/Poly can be used in conjunction with “KORG Gadget,” the music production DAW app that has won numerous prizes within Japan and around the world. When you install both apps, iMono/Poly appears as the “Montpellier” gadget within KORG Gadget.

The KORG iMono/Poly is now available with a special 33% OFF introduction price of $19.99 until September 30.

Available here: KORG iMono/Poly 

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