4 Ambient Atmospheric Ableton Push Sound Packs By Flintpope Available For Free

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Flintpope just announced a new free sound bundle for the Ableton Push. It includes 4 sound packs that cones ambient beats and jazzy atmospheres. If you are user of Ableton and Push, don’t miss this gift. If you want to support his indie developer than you can donate something for this new release.

This special freebie is a set of 4 Ableton PUSH packs in a single bundle that mess around with ambient beats and jazzy atmospheres.

Free, but donations are accepted : please feel free to write in a number of your choice in that “NAME A FAIR PRICE” box up there on the right… It doesn’t have to be a zero!

What you get 

1.QUINTET 64 Inspired by Steve Reich’s SEXTET I’ve made a 64-pad rack with two vibraphones (one hit and one bowed), a marimba, a piano and a voice/organ hybrid. The main instruments have two octaves each to inspire some riffing and there is NO percussion.In this zip are two racks: one version of the rack is in A major and the other in the admittedly unrelated A harmonic minor because it was a simple rewrite.The samples are all rendered in SIMPLER so this pack works for Live 9 Intro (v. 9.2) and up. These racks are optimised for PUSH but will work on any midi keyboard.

Hear it here first

2. RACKY 64 for Ableton 9.2 Suite (upwards) with Push (or keyboard). Two new Push 64-Pad Racks for playing tunes on as much as tapping beats out.

Racky C 64 is in C Major and has a 12 pad analog/realistic mix drum set, a 12 pad time-stretched atmospherics set, then above these are stacked five instruments with an octave each. These instruments range from two basses to a clipped piano via Analog pads, Tension strings and a Collision faux-guitar. Racky Am 64 is in A Minor (Harmonic) and varies from the above not only in key but in a slightly different drum kit, re-worked atmospherics and a more mellow instrument set including Collision marimbas, an organ-like Analog pad, lusher strings and a dark bass. Use these racks as a starter for something else, or just as they are.

Demo tunes here:

3. AMBIENT 64 Celebrating Ableton 9.2 and the then new 64-pad PUSH this release presented an opportunity to quickly write something that was more than just beats.It still does! With rows of fat pads, a bass, FX, mallets and a drumset you can tap something out in a hurry. Or spend hours tweaking, deleting, adding and subtracting to your heart’s content. You only need Ableton Live 9 Intro and any midi keyboard although PUSH owners will enjoy the optimised layout here. 
On PUSH the upper left 16 quadrant is mainly odd loops plus the bass, the upper right is pads and mallets, the lower left is sound effects and the lower right is drums and percussive hits and loops.

Hear the Soundcloud set

4. QUARTET 64 Continuing the theme of musical rather than rhythmic racks this is a quartet of piano, double bass, keys and E flat clarinet all playing in A minor (harmonic). The piano is spread across 3 octaves, the double bass 2, the keys 1 and the clarinet 2. The idea is to have a playable group at your fingertips. The double bass and clarinet are both from Ableton’s excellent Orchestral Packs. The keys are a mixture of different textural pads for background atmospherics. These racks are optimised for PUSH but will work on any midi keyboard.

Hear the demo:

Flintpope Ableton Push Bundle is available for free. If you want to support Flintpope’s work, you can donate something or join on Patreon.

More informations here: Flintpope Free Ableton Push Bundle

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