Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer – A Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer Emulation For RE Released

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Oenkenstein Audio, a rack extension developer released a new granular Synthesizer with the name Rumble K1 that features not only a granular synthesis engine but also an emulation of the vintage additive wavetable synthesis from the Kawai K1 digital Synthesizer. Compared to the hardware version from 1985, the software emulation comes with 3 extra oscillators and a granular engine. If you are Reason user and love the cold but lovely sound of the Kawai K1 Synthesizer than check out this new release.

Rumble is an additive wavetable granular synthesizer. It is an emulation of an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985, but has granular synthesis added and 3 extra oscillators. 1985 and 2017 combined.

This device mimics the operation system and the naming conventions on a Kawai K1. However, the sounds of the basic short cycled wave loops used as oscillators are totally different. A Rumble sample contains 4 wave loop oscillators and you can scroll through each wave loop oscillator. Each wave loop is divided in 100 very short sample parts or grains. One grain holds information about the characteristics of a sampled instrument, like a bass, piano and organ. It also can be a part of a very long recording like a cassette-tape rewinding.

While playing the keyboard, you can scroll, in real time, through 64 Rumble samples containing 4 scrollable wave loop oscillators, each with 100 grains, producing 25600 different perfect pitched sound sources to start building your patches. The hardware version contains an operation system build in such a way, most of the 39 sonic functions on the 4 short cycled wave loop oscillators can be controlled by a MIDI keyboard. The modulation matrix in Rumble is built to achieve the same goal as in the hardware version: Playability.

Rumble derives its name from legendary guitar 101 hero and inventor of the power chord Link Wray, who used to poke a pencil in an amplifier speaker to get a gritty, distorted sound.


  • Wavetable and granular synthesis combined.
  • 7 oscillator Synthesizer: 4 additive Wave Loop oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, 1 Super oscillator and 1 Sine oscillator with amplitude (AM) or ring modulation
  • Shaper
  • Amp Envelope, Vibrato (LFO), Auto Bend, Aftertouch, Frequency (Pitch), Filter Envelope, Low Key and High Key, Low Velocity and High velocity sections.
  • 3 Effects: Phaser, Rotary and several Low, High and Band Pass Filters.
  • Modulation Matrix: 13 slots, 25 sources.
  • Patches made by well known sound designers, including patches from Navi Retlav.
  • Sample bank of maximum 25600 sounds allowing extensive sound sculpturing

Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer is now available for 79€ from the Reason RE shop

More informations here: Oenkenstein Audio Rumble K1 

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