Living Memory Software Released LayR v.1.0.4: New Features, Bug Fixes And 124 New Presets

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Living Memory Software released a new significant update for their powerful LayR Synthesizer for iPad. This new update brings several new features, bug fixes and a great new sound library with 124 presets created by Brice. If you are lover of high-quality iOS Synthesizer apps with great sound design features than check out absolutely LayR Synth.

Available here: Living Memory Software LayR Synthesizer

New in Living Memory Software LayR Synthesizer v.1.0.4:


  • Cinematic: A full new bank of wonderfully evocative Performance presets by Brice.
  • Ableton Link for arpeggiator. Link can be enabled/disabled in settings.
  • MIDI Output port: Enabled with an option in settings, defaults to off.
  • MIDI Virtual Destination Chooser: To send MIDI to other apps. Only available when the MIDI out port is enabled. MIDI Controller Templates: Tap the new MIDI icon at the top of the Layer Editor view.
  • Sends MIDI controller from assigned dials when MIDI Out is enabled, (on the Instrument channel).
  • “Pickup” Mode for MIDI controllers. Option in settings.
  • Channel Pressure added to the list of assignable MIDI controllers.
  • AudioBus 3: Audio and MIDI.
  • Settings has an option to stop Master Tempo being set when Performances are loaded.
  • Manually loading a performance or instrument makes that bank current for MIDI program select. Group and assign on iPad is now high enough to accommodate 8 rows instead of 7
  • New Shortcut: Double tapping on a dot in the link/assign view selects or deselects the entire column. New Shortcut: In Preset Selector Views, long press on bank names to rename banks.

Bug fixes:

  • Crash when starting mono-legato voices in 64 voice mode.
  • Potential crash when rapidly changing presets via MIDI Program Change.
  • Preset Files stored on iCloud Drive can now be loaded by tapping on them or selecting “Open In…” Fixed: Layer volume sliders now show MIDI icon when assigned to a MIDI controller.
  • MIDI controller assignations no longer seem to disappear after deleting another instrument.
  • Possible crash caused by corrupt UI after launching from an IAA host.
  • Layer strip name label resizes font to t width.
  • MIDI Assign view rendered incorrectly if a layer has a really long name.
  • Tempo was not always correctly set when loading a performance.
  • Arpeggiator stops if IAA host doesn’t provide beat clock.
  • It’s now possible to select LayR as a MIDI destination from inside other apps.
  • Issue with jittery response with dials and sliders when moving very slowly.
  • Fixed an envelope bug that could cause loud clicks with some settings.


  • Improved voice stealing in attempt to reduce clicks when max polyphony is exceeded.
  • Changed the wording of the “Import” button to “Append” in the Load Performance view.

Available here: Living Memory Software LayR Synthesizer


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